The new version of Telegram for PC gives a bath in WhatsApp

I confess that I spend more time using WhatsApp PC software exactly because I spend more time working with the laptop. I've gotten used to it, but this morning Camila Rinaldi shared with me the Telegram for desktops, which I didn't know yet. My first impressions were good, so I will show you in this article how I did the installation and then I want to know what you think of the software.

I am not a user of Telegram, but those who follow the site should have noticed that I follow the news and updates of the app and write some articles talking about them. Exactly because I was not an avid user of the app, I still didn't know Telegram for desktops, although I always knew that there is a web version of it.

In fact, the desktop version, which is an application you download and install, is far superior compared to the web platform. With this latest update, number 1.0, Telegram has gained a number of interesting features such as theme customization, window transition effects and greater control over notifications.

Here the look of Telegram with the traditional theme:

telegram desktop update original
Telegram for desktops / AndroidPIT

can join the channel @themes and download new options, which are developed by Telegram's own user community. You need to follow the channel to download the themes, ok? So far six themes are available, like this one, midnight blue:

web whatsapp telegram original desktop
Telegram next to WhatsApp / AndroidPIT

WhatsApp is one step behind this wizard for a variety of reasons, not just customization options. Telegram offers two-step authentication, password to lock the app on the computer and greater control over the media received and downloaded by the user.

Another interesting point is the size of the file after installation, of only 30MB, against almost 200MB of WhatsApp.

Download Telegram for Computer

If you want to try the Telegram desktop version, just go to this link and choose the operating system you use. You don't need to have the app installed on your phone for the desktop version to work, as you only need to enter your phone number and register the activation code on your computer.

What about going to try Telegram for PCs?

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