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The new iOS 11 App Store caused downloads of featured apps to increase by up to 800%

In iOS 11, Apple resolved redesign the App Store. And if you've ever been there, I imagine so, you saw that the "Today" tab brings a highlight to applications much more interesting than the old ones.

Because, according to a survey by Sensor Tower, Ma got it right with this new format! According to the firm, apps featured in the new App Store saw their downloads increase by up to 800%.

IOS 11 App Store Download Survey

Sensor Tower explained the methodology: they analyzed data from September 2017 to now; during that period, the average number of downloads of games featured in “Jogo do Dia” increased 802% in the following week compared to the previous week; applications highlighted as “App of the Day” saw their number of downloads grow, on average, 685%; already apps that had their stories told in the “Today” tab or were included in some kind of list had an average download growth of around 200%.

The "Games" and "Apps" tabs also saw their download numbers grow, but not so intensely. The main highlights that are up there in these tabs had increases of 236% (games) and 111% (apps), week by week.

The firm also analyzed the developers behind the apps to understand the type and size of the companies (or standalone developers) that are being featured on iOS 11. The most prominent are game developers (no news, since 67% of all 2017 App Store downloads were games). And, as you might imagine, the giants dominated this ranking:

IOS 11 App Store Download Survey

And as they are giants: 13 of the top 15 companies had at least 1 million downloads of apps / games in the U.S. during the six-month period following the launch of the new iOS 11 App Store.

IOS 11 App Store Download Survey

But the small ones also have a time: 29% of the featured developers had less than 10,000 downloads during the research period. Of course, the big ones are more likely to receive more highlights, but it is clear that the small ones can also benefit.

Overall, the impression that Apple hit the hand with the App Store on iOS 11.

via TechCrunch