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The most searched Smart TVs, coffee makers and appliances in Brazil in April

Price comparator Zoom released the ranking of items most searched by consumers in April: smart TVs, coffee makers and home appliances dominated searches on the site

it is very possible that you know the zoom, the largest online price comparison platform for Brazilian retail. As he does on a monthly basis, he has just released his ranking with home appliances, smart TVs and coffee makers most sought after by consumers on his platform.

If you are thinking about purchasing a product, comparing prices is part of the process, and the zoom perhaps it is the ideal site for such a mission. In addition to detailing the variation in the price of the devices over the month, the list also serves as a guide for those who are looking for a product in some of these categories or all of them, after all, the most searched items in each month are usually those with the best cost-benefit. There is nothing more fair than trusting the opinion of those who seek the same as you: the final consumer.

Considering the period from 1 to 30 April, searches of the zoom were marked by the typical items of those who want to renovate the house or intend to move: smart TVs, coffee makers and home appliances. In addition to being able to check your favorite items, it is still possible, to break, to find a valuable offer. Check out:

Smart TVs: Samsung and LG stand out among the most sought after

Smart TV arranged in front of an informal and rustic atmosphere The 50-inch Smart TVs from LG and Samsung were the most popular items in the category in April on Zoom

When you look for harmony between cost-benefit and cutting edge technology, in the eyes of Zoom consumers they have names. That's because, among the most sought after, Smart TVs from Samsung and LG have become undisputed favorites.

In April, the leadership went to Samsung's Smart TV, LED 50 Samsung Srie 7 4K RU7100, a model that has been in high demand since 2019, gaining a review detailed in Showmetech, and, in addition, maintains its position throughout 2020. With LED technology, this beloved Smart TV stands out for being an affordable 4K and, moreover, for having features characteristic of cutting edge Smart TVs from the Korean brand: in addition to supporting HDR content, the TV has a design that removes the connected cables and also offers fast access to platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

Already in the second and third positions of Smart TVs, LG models that close the top 3, making the brand one of the favorites of Zoom users. Characterized by more robust aspects of LG, which makes the 50 ″ LG ThinQ AI 4K UM7510PSB worthy of attention is perhaps cutting edge features like LG's Artificial Intelligence and its speech recognition. The third placed, 32 ″ LG ThinQ AI 32LM625BPSB, in turn, delivers the same functions, only in a smaller outfit, with its 32 inches.

Smart TVs from Philco and the AOC also appear on April's list of favorites on zoom, which you can check out below:

ProductLowest PriceHigher PriceHigher Price
1 Smart TV LED 50 ″ Samsung Srie 7 4K HDRNetflix UN50RU7100GXZD3 HDMI R $ 1,994.05 R $ 3,001.89 51%
2 Smart TV LED 50 ″ LGThinQ AI 4K HDR Netflix50UM7510PSB 4 HDMI R $ 1,989.09 R $ 3,072.90 54%
3 Smart TV LED 32 ″ LGThinQ AI HDR Netflix32LM625BPSB 3 HDMI R $ 999.00 R $ 1,670.79 67%
4 Smart TV LED 43 ″ Samsung Srie 74K HDRNetflix UN43RU7100GXZD3 HDMI R $ 1,699.55 R $ 2,513.89 48%
5 Smart TV LED 43 ″ Samsung Full HDUN43J5290 2 HDMI R $ 1,405.05 R $ 2,171.79 55%
6 Smart TV LED 23.6 ″ LGNetflix 24TL520S 2 HDMI R $ 626.90 R $ 1,229.79 96%
7 32 ″ Samsung Srie 4 Netflix32J4290 2 HDMI Smart TV R $ 882.55 R $ 1,599.00 81%
8 Smart TV LED 50 ″ AOC4K HDR Netflix 50U6295 3HDMI R $ 2,095.00 R $ 2,699.00 29%
9 Smart TV LED 32 ″ Philco Netflix PTV32G52S 1HDMI R $ 854.91 R $ 1,466.79 72%
10 Smart TV LED 58 ″ Philco 4K NetflixPTV58F80SNS 4 HDMI R $ 2,199.00 R $ 3,599.00 64%

The search for the ideal coffee maker

Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee maker arranged on a table with its capsules in Zoom Dolce Gusto Mini Me, once again, the most sought-after coffee maker on Zoom

Brazil has a very special relationship with coffee. Whether receiving friends at home or just to please someone special, be it someone else or yourself, the café always ends up appearing in those little moments of comfort.

Not least for Brazil, being the second largest coffee consumer in the world, it also ends up becoming one of the consumers that ends up looking for coffee makers with the best cost-benefit in online retailing. The demand is so high that, here, brands have invested in campaigns to attract consumers who are still hesitant to join the practicality of capsules once and for all.

For the coffee maker Dolce Gusto Mini Me, gives ArnoHowever, the tactic seems to work since the model has been leading searches in the category for months. So much so, that she has already appeared here on Showmetech as the 2019 most popular coffee shop. Like all Dolce Gusto, the Arno coffee maker operates with Nestl capsules, being able to prepare different types of coffee, tea and even chocolate drinks, which seems to be gaining more and more fans.

The coffee makers Nespresso and of Three Hearts close the Top 3 of April in Zoom, whose list of favorites you can check below:

1 Arno Dolce Gusto Mini Me Espresso Machine R $ 263.91 R $ 675.79 156%
2 Nespresso Inissia D40 Espresso Machine R $ 218.40 R $ 599.00 174%
3 Espresso Coffee Maker Trs Coraes Pop Plus R $ 163.11 R $ 999.99 513%
4 Oster PrimaLatte II Espresso Coffee Maker R $ 898.70 R $ 1,459.00 62%
5 Espresso Coffee Maker Trs Coraes Mimo R $ 271.95 R $ 592.78 118%
6 Arno Dolce Gusto Lumio Espresso Coffee Maker R $ 304.24 R $ 674.37 122%
7 Electrolux Easyline CMB21 Electric Coffee Maker 25 Cups R $ 49.00 R $ 246.70 403%
8 Espresso Coffee Maker Trs Coraes Modo S04 R $ 322.90 R $ 662.79 105%
9 Electric Coffee Maker 2 Xcaras Cadence Single Colors Nova R $ 73.89 R $ 185.90 152%
10 Electric Coffee Maker 2 Cups Britnia Duo Coffee R $ 89.90 R $ 103.90 16%

Essential and popular appliances in Zoom

Air conditioning from LG, one of the most popular elastomics in Zoom, diagonally on a white background LG air conditioning is the most popular home appliance in April on Zoom

When it comes to home appliances, it seems that there are certain unanimities. This is because the items of the so-called white line are among the most popular items in April on Zoom. These are essential items that combine cost-benefit and sustainability.

As it has been characteristic in the last months, the first to figure in this category was the split air conditioner Hi-Wall Dual Inverter, gives LG. What stands out in this product is the possibility of using voice command through the Google Assistant and remote activation via Wi-Fi.

Another highlight among home appliances is the modern Dual Inverter compressor that automatically adjusts the cooling capacity according to the needs of the environment, providing up to 70% energy savings.

The second item on the rise among appliances is the new fire stove with 4 burners Sirius, from Braslar. What stands out is precisely because of its cost-benefit in relation to similar products.

Refrigerator in front of white background The Cycle Defrost refrigerator is one of the most popular appliances in Zoom

To close the podium of the most popular appliances in April, another white line item that draws attention and once again guarantees your favoritism in the zoom: the fridge Cycle Defrost Duplex, gives Electrolux. With 260 liters of capacity and well-distributed internal space, it has excellent refrigeration, requiring that the defrost is carried out only twice a year. This a compact refrigerator, ideal for singles or couples.

Others, such as the Brastemp and the 30-liter EasyClean Microwave from LG close the top 5 most popular appliances in April in Zoom, which you can check below:

ModelLowest PriceHigher PriceVariation
1 Air Conditioner Split Hi Wall LG Dual Inverter Voice 12000 BTUsInverter Cold Remote Control S4-Q12JA31C R $ 1,661.55 R $ 2,345.35 41%
2 Floor Fire Braslar 4Bocas Sirius R $ 329.90 R $ 409.00 24%
3 Electrolux CycleDefrost Duplex 260 Liter Fridge DC35A R $ 1,279.25 R $ 1,699.90 33%
4 Washer Brastemp 12kg BWK12AB R $ 1,399.00 R $ 1,829.90 31%
5 LG EasyClean Microwave 30 Liter MH7053R R R $ 449.00 R $ 754.83 68%

What did you think of the most popular list of Smart TVs, coffee makers and appliances in April on Zoom? Did someone catch your eye or help you find a perfect offer? Share with us in the comments.

Source: zoom