The most popular smart TVs, coffee makers and home appliances on Zoom in January

Price comparator released the ranking of items most sought after by consumers this month: smart TVs, coffee makers and home appliances dominated searches on the site

O zoom, the largest price comparison of Brazilian online retail, has just released its monthly ranking with home appliances, smart TVs and coffee makers most wanted by the consumer. In addition to detailing the variation in price of devices during the month, the list serves to guide those who are eyeing a product of these categories: after all, the most wanted items in each month are usually those with the best cost-benefit.

Considering the period of 1 The January 31st, Zoom's searches were marked by the typical items of those who want to renovate the house or intend to move: smart TVs, coffee makers and appliances. To calculate the bigger it's the lowest price of each item, the website took into account the amounts charged View by retail in February 5th. Check out the survey:

Most wanted appliances

zoom-microwave-lg-easycleanThe metallic design of the LG Easy Clean microwave was praised by Zoom (Reproduction: LG)

The items White line (appliances) are among the most sought after in January at Zoom, and the first to figure in this category was the split air conditioner Hi Wall Springer, gives Midea. According to Leonardo Oliveira, product specialist at Zoom, the device reached the top of the ranking of home appliances because it offers high power, with 9000 BTUs, at a very affordable price.

Despite the praise, the expert's analysis also revealed that those most sensitive to noise should study the purchase of this model, since the noise emitted by it can bother. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that he has only the cold function.

The second item on the rise among household appliances was the microwave LG EasyClean 30 Liters, model MH7053R. For Oliveira, the success of the model is also due to the sum of high power and a more attractive price than similar models. Other points worthy of praise for the LG microwave are the low energy consumption and the metallic design, which matches most kitchens.

zoom-appliances-most-sought-after-frost-free-refrigeratorThe Brastemp refrigerator was the 3 most searched appliance on the site (Reproduction: Brastemp)

And to close our white line podium: the new Frost Free Inverse refrigerator, from Brastemp, was the third most sought after item in the category. In addition to the finish stainless, the BRE57AK model has 443 Liters capacity and, according to the Zoom analysis, internal compartments that facilitate the organization of food and a excellent cooling. When talking about the product, the site specialist also drew attention to energy consumption, which, in his opinion, could be better.

Below, check out the full ranking with the most sought-after appliances in January in Zoom:

Model Lowest price Highest price Variation
1 Midea Split Hi Wall Springer Air Conditioner 9000 BTUs Cold Remote Control 42MACA09S5 / 38KCX09S5 R $ 1,079.00 R $ 1,596.42 48%
2 LG EasyClean 30 Liter Microwave MH7053R R $ 407.39 R $ 748.07 84%
3 Refrigerator Brastemp Frost Free Inverse 443 Liters Stainless BRE57AK R $ 2,936.45 R $ 4,814.90 64%
4 Electrolux Turbo Economy Washer 8,5kg LT09E R $ 1,469.00
5 Floor Fire Atlas 4 Burners Automatic Ignition Mnaco Glass R $ 348.94 R $ 549.01 57%

Samsung leads Smart TV searches

zoom-smart-tvs-most-wanted-samsung-smart-tv-nu7100The 50-inch Samsung NU7100 was the most sought after Smart TV in Zoom this January (Reproduction: Samsung)

Now that you have a refrigerator and air conditioning and microwave, there is a Smart TV, right? According to zoom, this is the best time to buy a TV, as retailers are getting ready for the arrival of 2020 releases and, for that, it burns old stocks. That's exactly what happened with Smart TV Samsung Serie 7 4K 50-inch: the most sought-after model since 2019 and, with the price drop, became even more so.

With LED technology, Samsung's Smart TV stands out for being a 4K affordable price and for having more expensive brand TV features: in addition to supporting HDR content, the TV has a design that strip the cables connected and offers fast access to Netflix and to YouTube.

Model Lowest price Highest price Variation
1 Smart TV LED TV 50 ″ Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR Netflix UN50RU7100GXZD 3 HDMI R $ 1,889.00 R $ 3,263.70 73%
2 Smart TV LED TV 43 ″ Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR Netflix UN43RU7100GXZD 3 HDMI R $ 1,599.00 R $ 2,478.90 55%
3 Smart TV LED TV 43 ″ LG ThinQ AI Full HD HDR Netflix43LM6300PSB 3 HDMI R $ 1,390.00 R $ 1,899.00 37%
4 Smart TV LED TV 32 ″ LG ThinQ AI HDR Netflix32LM625BPSB 3 HDMI R $ 847.06 R $ 1,461.08 72%
5 Smart TV LED TV 55 ″ Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR Netflix UN55RU7100GXZD 3 HDMI R $ 2,249.10 R $ 3,957.66 76%
6 Smart TV LED TV 55 ″ LG ThinQ AI 4K HDR Netflix 55UM7470PSA 4 HDMI R $ 2,299.00 R $ 3,599.00 57%
7 Smart TV LED TV 65 ″ Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR Netflix UN65RU7100GXZD 3 HDMI R $ 3,789.00 R $ 5,998.35 58%
8 Smart TV LED TV 49 ″ LG ThinQ AI 4K Netflix49UM731C 3 HDMI R $ 1,709.05 R $ 2,399.00 40%
9 32 ″ Samsung Business LH32BENELGA / ZD 2 HDMI Smart TV R $ 897.15 R $ 1,599.90 78%
10 Smart TV LED TV 43 ″ LG ThinQ AI 4K HDR Netflix43UM7510PSB 4 HDMI R $ 1,599.00 R $ 1,999.90 25%

Searches for coffee makers

Cheap Arno coffee maker closes the year as Zoom's most popular model (Reproduction: Arno)Arno's inexpensive coffee maker has been the most popular in Zoom surveys for months (Reproduction: Arno)

Brazil second largest consumer of coffee in the world, something that also reflects in the searches for coffee makers. Around here, brands have invested in campaigns to attract consumers who still don't drink coffee in capsule, offering generous discounts on the devices or reducing the cost of the capsules themselves. For the coffee maker Dolce Gusto Mini Me, gives Arno, the tactic seems to work since months ago the model leads the search in the category.

Like all Dolce Gusto, the Arno coffeemaker operates with Nestl, being able to prepare different types of coffee, tea and even chocolate drinks.

Model Lowest price Highest price Variation
1 Arno Dolce Gusto Mini Me Espresso Machine R $ 241.74 R $ 786.90 226%
2 Nespresso Inissia D40 Espresso Machine R $ 213.69 R $ 679.90 218%
3 Oster PrimaLatte II Espresso Coffee Maker R $ 737.00 R $ 1,318.80 79%
4 Espresso Maker Trs Coraes Pop Plus R $ 189.01 R $ 454.46 140%
5 Espresso Coffee Maker Trs Coraes Mimo R $ 240.59 R $ 550.90 129%
6 Arno Dolce Gusto Lumio Espresso Coffee Maker R $ 251.99 R $ 1,148.85 356%
7 Nespresso Essenza Mini C30 Espresso Machine R $ 235.51 R $ 513.90 118%
8 Mondial C-08 Express Coffee Maker R $ 269.91 R $ 648.00 140%
9 Espresso Coffee Maker Trs Coraes Modo S04 R $ 241.74 R $ 786.90 226%
10 Electric Coffee Maker 2 Cups Cadence Single Colors Nova R $ 213.69 R $ 679.90 218%

Zoom Survey

zoomZoom is one of the largest search and price comparison sites in Brazilian retail.

The largest Zoom price comparator online from Brazil. For this, the website constantly monitors the prices of several virtual retail stores and indicates which one charge less for the item you want. In addition, the website does analyzes most sought after models, listing the benefits and disadvantages of each product.

Monthly, Zoom reveals which items dominated consumer searches, bigger it's the smaller recorded prices for the product on the date of the survey. O ranking aims to inform only the items most wanted on the website, and don't distinction between the qualities of the devices when ranking them.

In case you want Access Zoom and pay any less, it is worth remembering that, in addition to site, the comparator also has applications for the platforms Android and iOS.

Source: zoom