Os pacotes Snap mais baixados do ano!

The most downloaded Snap packages of the year!

Canonical, the maintainer of Ubuntu, released its top 10 most downloaded and used snaps in 2018.

Last Thursday, 2018 (27), Canonical posted on its blog a list of the Top 10 most downloaded Snap format apps, downloaded from the Snap Store or Snacraft site, where you have all the instructions for installation. . The company did not report the number of downloads, only the order of most downloaded applications.  The most downloaded Snap packages of the year!

It's worth mentioning the wide range of companies porting their applications to Linux and using Snap as a gateway to it, thus giving the platform a chance.

Check out the list of the most popular Snaps of the year now, notice that we have several famous names on the list!

Spotify tops the list, the popular music streaming service was one of the first big ones in the industry to adopt the Snap format as a standard for distributing software.

In the second position appears Slack, a tool that has become very popular in recent years in companies, as a simple and efficient way to organize projects and teams.

The most versatile player in the world appears in the third option. Now with Snap format support, news from VLC comes even faster to Ubuntu and any system than using it.

Discord is one of gamers' preferred methods of communicating, but it has also become a very interesting forum tool as well, with chat, voice and image communication. A fourth place in this Top 5 more than fair.

Take the opportunity to meet the # L2G community we have there on Discord.

The developers were grateful to install such a complete tool with just one click, closing the top 5 most downloaded Snap apps this year, which shows the keen interest of Android developers in Ubuntu as a platform as well.

The future the Snap?

The popularity of the format shows that Snap is becoming very attractive to companies looking to port their products to a business-supported system, such as Ubuntu, even though this format automatically downloads software to all Linux-compatible distros. Snapd.

Although Snap is very attractive, it is not unique, formats like Flatpak and AppImage are also gaining more attention, we hope to have data soon to be able to show a top of these formats as well.

The above list represents just some of the most popular Snaps, others that are part of the Top 10 most downloaded Snaps also include Next Cloud, Plex streaming server, Notepad ++ text editor, Shotcut video editor and Xonotic game.

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