The "mistakes" of the camera can also be artistic and there is an app that proves it.

Taking a good photo to share on Instagram or Facebook is already within reach of anyone with a smartphone.

However, if you want to bet on something more artistic and with the effects of art that exploits the error of the analogue or digital machine, the Glitch Lab app can be an option.

With more than 100 effects, the application allows you to explore various resources, from color edits, from 3D to filters.

You can, for example, make your photography style more retro with various effects, or, and this option is more irreverent, put an HTML code in the image.

If you prefer, you can also animate a video, but for that you will have to activate this option from the app's settings.

As for other choices, you can import an image or video from your smartphone or take a photo directly from the application.

Start from scratch, without any photography, and venture into the app another possibility.

Once you have finished your work you can save the content on your phone.

The application is free and available for Android and iOS.

Still, you always have the possibility to choose the premium version that offers you more editing features.