The love of European cinema "is in the air" and can offer trips to Cannes

In its fourth edition, the competition promoted by the CreativeEurope MEDIA program has 20 questions to ask and 10 trips to offer, with paid tickets, accommodation and festival access.

For each correct answer to each question, participants receive a point.

There is an extra point to be awarded if you follow @MEDIAprogEU on Twitter or the @CreativeEuropeEU account on Facebook.

In case of a tie, the promoters of #euFilmContest have prepared a last filtering question and some extra requirements, which can be known through the website

The set of 20 general questions for participation is available on the same page.

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It is also advised that those interested will have to be free between 15 and 17 May, the date on which the trip takes place.

The contest runs until March 26, the winners will be announced in early April.