The Legend Of Zelda for smartphone should be like this

Conceito: The Legend Of Zelda para smartphone deveria ser assim

We still have no idea what the Zelda game will look like on smartphones, but it sure should be like that.

Concept: The Legend Of Zelda for smartphone should be like thisIt’s hard to hate or be afraid of this Guardian, isn’t it?

After the Nintendo announced that it is working on a Zelda series game for mobile platforms, fans and the electronic community are wondering what the game will look like.

One of our hopes would be for Nintendo to adopt the artistic style that graphic designer Matt Anderson created for the art of the latest game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U / Switch). In his series of drawings called RetroMill: Wild, he illustrates the main characters of the game with bold colors and a minimalist style, with impressive results.

In the arts below we can see Link, The Old Man, one Guardianthe joyful Hetsu, the merchant Beedle and the musician Kass, in a style that fully captures the original art direction of the game. In an email to the site The Verge, Anderson commented that he chose these characters over the Princess Zelda, Mipha, Urbosa and others, because they appear more frequently in the vast kingdom of Hyrule.

Concept: The Legend Of Zelda for smartphone should be like this

Simplicity and beauty

The artist is a longtime fan of the series and said he fell in love with the art of the game because it resembles the artistic style of Miyazaki like «Chihiro’s trip». In addition, Anderson’s art breathes Nintendo’s graphic style philosophy: an art that has worked for 15 years and remains beautiful after more than 50 years.

When we look more closely at the artist’s drawings it’s hard to imagine a better way to style the series for mobile platforms. Assuming that a complete 3D game would not work as well on a smartphone, Anderson’s simple and beautiful artistic style is ideal for a 2D adventure, for example.

And even if this dream of seeing such a beautiful game in the palm of our hands is only in the realm of hope, you can enjoy the artist’s drawings with limited prints that are for sale for $ 20 on his website. He has already commented that he has plans to draw more characters like Zelda, Mipha, Lynels and Ganon because according to him «The reaction about the series has been really positive … I already have dozens of requests, so I hope that the community can help me choose what they want to see in the future».