The legalities of Note 2 S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen is much more than just an accessory that comes with the device. In fact, she is the reason he exists. The Note 2 S-Pen is a handy tool that makes everyday work easier with the 5 inch smartphone. And it offers extra features and makes the device even more productive. Today, you'll learn about everything you can do with the coolness of the Note 2 S-Pen.

10. View images without opening folders

If you access the Note 2 image gallery, all folders in the gallery will appear. Normally, you need to click on each folder to know which images are stored inside them, but with the S-Pen in Note 2, just bring the pen closer to the screen without touching it, and you get a preview of the images contained in that folder. The name of this Air View function.

9. Browse e-mailing lists / addresses

To scroll through lists and websites, you can position the S-Pen at the top or bottom of them, open a small arrow indicating the way the pen is going (up / down). However, it does not work with alternative browsers such as Chrome.

8. Text Selection

This is an excellent function for those who have difficulty selecting texts for editing. To select parts of text in a web document, you just have to press the S-Pen button and flick the pen tip over the part you want to select, as if you were drawing a line over the text. To extend the selection, move the cursor rods to the desired point. Unfortunately this does not happen in all applications.

7. Image Selection

If you want to use specific parts of an image in the photo gallery or on a web page by pressing the S-Pen button, you mark the area that interests you, save it and you can use it in another edition or send it. by email as you wish.

6. Screenshot

The screen capture on Galaxy Note 2 occurs like most devices: at the same time pressing the On + Home buttons. This would imply dropping the pen and making the screenshot. But by pressing the S-Pen button and touching the screen pen for a few seconds, you can capture the screen. However, be aware that you will have to save the image by clicking on a menu that opens in place of the notification bar.

5. S Note: quick notes

Speed ​​and productivity are synonymous for these devices, so to make a quick note or even write the grocery shopping list during a call, simply press the S-Pen button and double-tap it anywhere on the screen. Immediately go open the S Note.

4. Mouseover effect

When we browse the Internet from our computer, we can move the mouse over the menu on a page like AndroidPIT, for example, and look at the categories in the menu. On tablets or smartphones, unfortunately, not so easy to understand. J with the super-simple S-Pen: Hold the pen over the menu or any other elements to achieve the mouseover effect.

3. Open Menu

By pushing the S-Pen button and drawing a broken arrow from left to right, you trigger the command to open the menu. So open the application menu quickly and easily.

2. Undo On / Back

By pressing the S-Pen button and drawing a broken arrow from top to bottom, you trigger the undo action. So you can undo the last action, like Ctrl + Z, or just go back to the previous page.

1. Fast commands

One of the most important functions of S-Pen are the fast commands. To access them, I need to draw a straight line from the bottom up. Thus, you launch the menu for quick commands, in which you can draw icons with the S-Pen to perform certain actions. For example, write an email, access the internet, send messages and others that can be pre-defined by you.

To create your gesture and trigger a quick command, click the gear in the quick command menu and set up your own shortcut list:

After this list of features offered by the Note 2 S-Pen, I would like to know if, in your opinion, the Galaxy Note 2 exists because of the S-Pen or if, otherwise, the S-Pen only exists because of the Note 2? I get the first option, without a doubt!

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