«The Last of Us» will become a series! Check the details

"The Last of Us" will become a series!  Check the details

Adaptation of the game «The Last of Us» begins to be developed for HBO

It is unlikely that you have not heard of the excellent survival game The Last of Us, produced by Naughty Dog and released in 2013.

The game was a tremendous success and won numerous awards from the specialized industry.

Shall we review the launch trailer?

One of the points that the critic most mentioned was the quality of the narrative, that is, the game’s script, something very consistent in most games produced by Naughty Dog.

So it’s not surprising that the game will be adapted for television.

The series that will be adapted for the American network HBO, is responsible for the adaptation Neil Druckmann, creative director and vice president of Naughty Dog (and who wrote the games “The Last of Us» and «Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”Among others) and Craig Mazin, which has just won two awards Emmy for his work in the mini-series “Chernobyl“, HBO’s absolute critical success.

If you haven’t checked out the “Chernobyl“, Check out the trailer below to get a sense of the quality of production.

The adaptation of “The Last of Us”Will be a co-production of HBO with Sony Pictures Television in association with Playstation Productions, a Sony division created in 2019 with the aim of translating the extensive catalog of games for cinema and television.

Details about cast and crew have not yet been released, but HBO’s productions tend to be very well produced and with enviable casts.

Who do you think would be the best options for Joel and Ellie?

Ellie and Joel The Last of Us

Adaptations of games for the cinema are not usually very well received by the critic and the public.

Recent films like «Assassin’s Creed» and «Warcraft» were box office failures and scored very low.

At the Rotten Tomatoes, a site that aggregates cinema reviews, films have 18% and 28% approval respectively.

So the producers involved in producing this adaptation will have to work twice as expectations are high.

Besides «The Last of Us«, a Naughty Dog is also involved in adapting another very successful game from its catalog: the saga “Uncharted“.

This adaptation, however, will be for cinemas and has Tom Holland (as a young man Nathan Drake), Mark Wahlberg (like Victor “Sully” Sullivan) and Antonio Banderas (like the antagonist).

The film will be an origin story of how Drake met your mentor Sully.

The news of the adaptation comes just 2 months before the launch of the game sequence, “The Last of Us – Part II“, Which arrives in stores at the end of May.

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