Do linux para o Windows

The History of Migrating a Windows User to Linux

In the reader space that we usually open here on the blog from time to time, we will have the reader story today Rodrigo Vitalli, let's check his statement together?

From Linux to Windows

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“My first contact with the world of technology was in 1992, when I was 12 years old. It was with a 286 computer that an accounting office of a friend's father acquired. I started to get interested in this world. friend we used the 286 for games which were amazing for us since we never had video games in our childhood.I'm not mistaken the games were TDCGA car race, GPCGA speed bike race, Digger, Prince Of Persia, among others who have not I remember the name. Everything was running on a monochrome match monitor.

The following year the office bought a 386. How much evolution !!! We managed to run Wolfenstein 3D, Flashback, an F1 game that I don't remember the name, but still all on a monochrome monitor. Oh yes, at that time it was the predominant MS-DOS. There was Windows 3.1 or 3.11, but most of the programs were for DOS anyway.

In 1995, with the launch of Windows 95, it seemed that a new world was opening. I believe that visually it has been the biggest evolution in OS so far (just so far!).

In 1996 I started Computer Science College, where I got an internship at the university. It was at this stage that the world of technology really opened up for me. I had contact with networks, equipment maintenance, MP3 release, Internet (crawling), and of course, with Linux.

I don't remember exactly which distro it was, I believe it was Debian or Conectiva. But it was all in text mode !! It seemed that there was an involution, since Windows 95 was in full swing. It took me a while to realize the full potential of this new and unknown system.

For me at that time computers were not just for games. They became work. Together with a former co-worker, we set up a computer sales and maintenance company. It was also at this time that the Linux flea began to scratch behind the ear. I started buying magazines that brought CDs with programs and systems, and testing at home. I already felt an evolution in the penguin. The facility had a primitive assistant, but who already gave a hand. The interface was already graphical, some programs becoming usable and useful. I miss the Mandrake distro. Stable, beautiful and very easy to use for the time.

Since then there have been many comings and goings from Windows to Linux in my life. I tried several times to use only Linux, with many distros, but always for one reason or another ended up coming back to Windows.

I think both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. I'm not a fanboy of either. Today is about a month ago that I migrated from Windows 10 and I have Ubuntu 15.04 on my notebook, and is fully serving me. Why did I migrate from Windows 10? I went through all versions of Windows. In my opinion the best version of Windows is still 7. For me 8 or 8.1 didn't like it (and not for lack of the Start button). The 10 hit the hand visually, but I noticed loss of performance and minor crashes in many situations. Did that imply work? No, but it bothered. It was more than a year since I had installed a distro (Xubuntu). I went back to Windows because I could not run Netflix satisfactorily and had to run a plotter that did not run on Linux. What is my surprise, when I finished making all the settings and downloading what I wanted on Ubuntu, test and see that I could watch my movies and series on Netflix! The plotter no longer needs it. So far I have no reason and do not miss Windows. Ubuntu running smooth, beautiful, good battery life (better than Windows 10), with all the programs I need.

One last opinion. Why has Linux not yet become popular? I think it's a set of reasons, but one I've never heard of, in many districts wanting to mimic Windows, button layout, a start button imitation, windows, etc. Does it make it easy for a novice user to have it all? Yes. But I also think most cases boil down to one word: lazy. Too much to discover the new, to want everything to be in the same place as in Windows.

My advice to anyone who is curious or willing to try the penguin? Install any distro. But stay with her for more than 1 ms. From that time you will notice if the system fully meets you or not. I believe that serving you, with performance, variety of programs and the main thing: the community! You will find many forums, websites, manuals and especially people willing to help you. "

See you next time!

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