The headset you will want to bring on your trip! Edifier W806BT

When you are on a trip, you definitely want to worry only about enjoying the trip, technical issues like the lack of battery on your phone, these are things you don't want to worry about, right? So why wouldn't it be the same with your headphones?

Edifier Product Analysis

For me a good travel headset needs to meet 3 requirements:

1- Have a good sound quality;

2 – Be comfortable;

3 – And once being bluetooth, have a good battery.

Once these details are satisfied, I begin to look at the design and the material it is made of, as well as any additional benefits it may offer me.

When I unboxed the phone, one of the things that caught the most attention at the presentation was the promise of his battery lasting 70 hours. And in the end, it really ended up surprising!

I did the unboxing video the day before I left to travel and it has been almost 1 ms! I used the BT-powered headset for at least 43 hours and the battery is still half full. So the prerogative is very good, even if it didn't last twice, I'm already more than satisfied with this battery life.

Check out the video with the full review of the Edifier W806BT:

Surely I am completely satisfied with the product and would recommend to anyone looking for a good headset to carry on their longer trips if you wish to purchase it, visit the TOMTOP website, which is where it was purchased.

See you next time!


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