Cut the Rope FULL FREE

The Four Most Addictive Android Games

I'm going to play one more time …

And when it is over an hour, Android games are very successful, there are several types and different scenarios, today I will bring the ones that in my opinion are the most addictive.

All are games that would fall into the "casual" category for you to play when you don't have much to do.

Cut the rope

It's a game of pure strategy and one of the most fun I've ever played, it's sure to entertain you for hours and hours.

Cut the Rope FULL FREE

Simple gameplay, just cut the ropes to make the caramel candy reach our dear green friend's mouth.

The difficulty increases as you level up, other elements come into play, bubbles, blowers, and so on.

The game is all very playful but make no mistake, some past stages and you will need a lot of thinking and speed to move on.


Temple run

Temple Run is a classic of Android and iPhone games, in which you are an explorer who is running desperate to get out of a Temple where fierce creatures chase after him, the more coins you can get out the more items you can get.

Temple run

The dynamics of the game are also very simple, finger movements sideways and inclines on the device guarantee fun, run as far as you can, jump over precipices and slip through tunnels, I confess I couldn't make it to the end if it exists


fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a game of pure agility and quick thinking, its simple goal, "don't leave fruit on fruit", using your master's techniques you must cut as many fruits as you can without letting any fall and let alone hit the bombs that appear in the middle of the game and are easily mistaken for fruit.

Fruit Ninja Free

There are several game modes, in my opinion the most fun is Arcade mode where you must cut as much fruit as you can in 60 seconds.


angry Birds

Could not miss the most popular game in the mobile world, Angry Birds has long since become much more than a simple game, has become a brand, printing T-shirts, cups, good. Angry Birds "height =" 195 "src =" https://lh6.ggpht/I3tychazAV4-ZqbtJP7ruGEiJhEdoqk3bIgQUosH3640RCUOcuLVQri20IkjhX3RtdA=w705 I find it really hard that you have never played or heard of Angry Birds, it is a very simple and fun game to play, basically you are on the side of birds and need to kill the bad pigs that stole their eggs. The franchise has already spawned several themed games, the last one was the Star Wars tribute, with the title Angry Birds Star Wars, going through a different version of the game where you play with the pigs, Bad Piggies.

Original version version gameplay:

Why are these games so successful?

Games in this casual style are successful because they are relatively small and fun to download.

The simple formula, easy gameplay, cool graphics, and many many stages and of course are all free.

And do you know any games that are more addictive than this?

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