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The first Smartphone to bring Android 7 is from LG

LG will be the company that will bring to market the first Smartphone with Android 7 Nougat.

LG has announced its new handset, the LG V20 to be the successor of the LG V10, and to be part of the top line of the company, it should arrive in September this year and be the first Smartphone to use Android 7, Nougat, the reverse. Google's latest system.

LG have the first Smartphone with Android 7

Interestingly, LG's handset gets the new Android even before Nexus devices, which are the ones that are usually updated before all, this is going to be the first time a handset launches the latest version of Android without having a direct partnership with Google. .

Despite announcing the new Android for the LG V20, the company did not give further details about the handset, saying that it is similar to the previous version V10.

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