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the first interactive art exhibition on the iPhone

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When I heard about the project, I found the idea excellent: an art exhibition inside the iPhone. The initiative is unprecedented worldwide and designed by Brazilians, with the name of Follow the Queen. And of course, you will still draw a iPod touch among those who attended the exhibition. ?

But why that name? For two reasons: first because who is doing it is Queen Mob, company from Rio Grande do Sul specialized in mobile solutions. Second, because the interactivity of the virtual exhibition only happens if you “follow the queen”… ?

The official launch is this Saturday, March 20, but your application is already free on App Store (link). In this first stage of the project, the works of 10 different artists are exposed. To view them, you must first find where the queen’s pictogram (like the one in the image above) is hidden, which gives you the right to move on to the next work. This interactivity (inspired by the classic “Where is Wally?“) Is what gives emotion to the exhibition.

Where’s the queen?

But this is only the first step. A kit is already being sent to galleries in some capitals of the country (Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) so that more artists can enrich the exhibition.

Promotional invitation sent to us. ?

In fact, any artist can do work and send it to Queen Mob, who will put it on display on the project’s blog.

To learn more about Follow the Queen, be sure to visit the official website, where you can find the following presentation video:

Follow the Queen.

But what about iPod touch?

Yeah, you can run for a iPod touch 8G exclusive of the Follow the Queen exhibition. To do this, just follow Queen Mob on twitter and tweet the following sentence:

To have an iPod touch, I follow the Queen – the world’s first iPhone art exhibition! – #queen_mob

It is necessary to strictly follow the sentence in order not to be disqualified. The draw will consider all tweets sent until April 9th, and you can send as many as you like. Check the rules here.

What are you waiting for to participate? ?