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The first case of serious burn on the wrist due to the use of the Apple Watch appears

In a universe of millions of products, it is common to see one here and another there presenting some kind of problem. After all, after all, the one-year warranty and Apple support are just there to help you out.

The problem when this malfunction jeopardizes the physical integrity of the customer, as for example smartphones that exploded / caught fire in the user's pants pocket, while it was recharging at dawn, etc.

Because an isolated but worrying case happened involving a Apple Watch.


According (Google Translate) to the Danish website Ekstra Bladet, Jrgen Mouritzen had his pulse burned by the Ma.

Warning: the above images can disturb sensitive people; click / tap on them to see the originals.

Interestingly, it seems that both the watch itself and the bracelet (milan style) burned Mouritzen's wrist. The thing was serious and Apple would still be investigating the reasons that led the device to do this, the company's public relations team in Denmark told the Ekstra Bladet that everything is a private matter and would not comment on the matter.

We have seen cases of people who had reactions on the wrist; strolling through the Apple support forum, you can also find topics that talk about units that got very hot and ended up burning their pulse (like this one); but something of this magnitude I think that the first time it appears for what can be bad (it happened and the user was really hurt) or good (it was just one case among millions), depending on the point of view.

(via 9to5Mac)