The first benchmarks for the new MacBooks Pro Core i7 come out; they are up to 50% faster!

The official page on the performance of the new MacBooks Pro is certainly a good reference to Apple does not usually lie in the numbers it publishes; quite the contrary, sometimes it even promises less than it delivers, but it is even better to take a look at numbers registered by ordinary users. THE Gizmodo already published some initial graphics after making benchmarks with one of the new 15 ″ MBPs, j with 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

To the point: the machines are up to 50% faster than their predecessors, which had Core 2 Duo chips (of 2.8GHz, that is).


MacBook Pro Core i7 benchmark


MacBook Pro Core i7 benchmark

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MacBook Pro Core i7 benchmark

The old one took 32 minutes and 19 seconds, while the new one performed the same task in 19 minutes and 54 seconds. What about?

It is worth remembering that these tests do not even take into account, yet, the evolution that the new graphic chipset NVIDIA GeForce 330M should provide over the previous 9600M. New benchmarks should be published soon.