The first 10 things you should try on your new iPhone XR, XS or X

The first 10 things you should try on your new iPhone XR, XS or X

Did you just win / buy a new full-screen iPhone with no front button? Congratulations! For those coming from other older models, or even smartphones from other brands, the differences are big and there is a lot to discover. But what to try first? What cool news does your precious device offer? What to show when someone asks to see your new iPhone?

Here is a list with suggestions for the new things you can try on the new apple darling.

The iPhone X (in 2017) was a game changer, showing the biggest change in the device since the iPhone 4. End of the front button, Touch ID, a huge screen from end to end, in addition to a new facial recognition technology able to draw a 3D map of your face in a few milliseconds. So even who is old monkey on the iPhone you may have to relearn gestures and new ways to interact with the system. And this article will help you with that.

1. Try Face ID

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to try is the face identification system. It is the flagship of the new generation and arguably the greatest technology currently incorporated in an iPhone, with origins in the old Kinect (read more about this in this other article).

Once configured, the iPhone unlocks just by looking at it, which is impressive for those who see it for the first time. Run several tests, challenge the system to see if you can trick it. Make faces, put on glasses and hats, try to unlock it in the dark or with your eyes closed. Most of these tests are likely to surprise you.

When you receive a notification with the screen locked, note that its contents will only be shown when you look at the screen. This is really fun to test.

On a daily basis, Face ID will eventually be incorporated into your habits. You’ll pick up the iPhone and automatically slide the screen to use the apps, without even having to wait for the lock to unlock. It’s all very fast and intuitive. Remember that it works normally in applications configured for Touch ID, just looking at the screen.

2. Play with Animoji and Memoji

Many are already saying that they are the great sensation of the new iPhones. It is undoubtedly the most fun feature to show to other people, because you can’t help but spend a few minutes playing with them.

The camera TrueDepth is able to make a map of your face and animate in real time one of the 16 characters available, or else those made by yourself to represent your face (the Memoji).

No matter how tough you are with Animoji, you can’t help but find it fun the first time you try it. Showing for kids is certainly fun.

3. Apply virtual masks to your face

One of the fun things is to apply Animojis and Memojis to your face, using Augmented Reality. This was incorporated into the system as of iOS 12 and you can do both in real-time calls from FaceTime and in still pictures from iMessage.

Open iMessage, tap the camera button and then the Effects (star) button. So just choose an Animoji, use the front camera and have fun.

4. Learn the new gestures

This new generation of iPhones also brings a whole new way of using the device, due to important changes in design. As you no longer have a front button, you will have to readjust to the new gestures, something that at first will seem difficult, but it does not take more than a day and a half for you to get used to it.

The main gestures to learn are the following:

  • Drag from bottom to top: the gesture that replaces the old Home button is to slide your finger from the bottom edge of the screen upwards. This allows you to exit applications and return to the home screen.
  • Multitasking: dragging from the bottom up and holding will open the windows of the open applications, so you can easily move from one to another. You can also switch apps by swiping that line at the bottom of the screen across all apps.
  • Close apps: to permanently close an application, open the multitasking screen and drag the application window upwards.
  • Control Center: because of the new gestures, it is no longer possible to pull the Control Center from the bottom up. It is now accessed by pulling down the top right of the screen.
  • Notification Center: when you pull the top of the screen down (excluding the right corner we mentioned in the previous items) you have notifications and widgets, similar to what you already know.
  • Achievability: the function that makes the screen lower so that you can touch the top with just one hand has gained a new way to work on X. Just place your finger on the bottom of the screen and drag it down. Read more about it here.
  • Camera on the locked screen: to access the camera on the locked screen you can still simply slide to the side, as on other iPhones. However, in the new ones there is also a button for this, which should be pressed with a little more force.
  • Tap to wake up: you can wake up the screen just by touching it.

In addition to gestures, the side buttons also change slightly. For turn off completely the device is not enough to press for a few seconds just the sleep button, as you always did in these 10 years of iPhone. On the XS / XR / X you need to press the sleep button and with the volume up button together. This is because with the removal of the front button, now the rest button serves to activate the Crab. As long as he is alone, the virtual assistant will be listening to what you say.

To take a picture of the screen, just quickly press the sleep button and the volume up button.

5. Take pictures in Portrait Mode

For those who have never taken pictures with an iPhone 7 Plus, the Portrait Mode is one of the things that impress most in new devices. There is no way not to fall in love with photos of people, animals or even certain objects that stand out because of the depth of field, as with professional cameras. I repeat, anyone is passionate.

The functionality of Portrait Lighting it’s even cool and helps in many moments, but you need to test it case by case to see if it really improves your photo. The way Studio Light is the most popular.

On the iPhone XR, as it does not have a dual rear camera, you can still take photos in portrait mode, but only of people. Read more details on this at the link below:

6. Take selfies

Another strong point in the new iPhones is that they allow you to make selfies wonderful because of the same Portrait Mode of the rear camera. With the generation X front camera it is possible to take pictures with the blurred background and also use the Portrait Lighting function, and you will see that the result of this is fantastic. Your friends on social media will be impressed.

7. Take photos in the dark with flash

We have already commented here on Flash with slow synchronization (also present in 8), which allows you to take photos in the dark that are not blown out by the lighting. Try using the flash more in photos in the dark with people in environments with a broad background and you will see the difference that this feature brings to your photos.

Flash without and with slow synchronization

8. Make an HD video in slow motion

The new iPhones can record slow motion videos in high definition (1080p) at 240 fps. Make videos of your dogs playing, or children running and you will see how special it can be to record a special moment that will remain a memory for a lifetime.

9. Make payments with just a look

One of the really cool things you can do with iPhones with Face ID is to use the Apple Pay. In generation X models, biometric authorization is done just by looking at the screen, which usually impresses people with its ease of use. If you still don’t know how to add your credit card to Apple Pay, check out some links below:

10. Use a wireless charger

A very practical novelty is the compatibility with Qi induction charging bases. Just support the iPhone on one of them and it starts to recharge the battery without you having to connect the Lightning wire to the device. It is very easy on a daily basis, although the speed is not as fast as cable charging. The ideal is to have a base like this next to the desk, or next to the bed to let you load while you sleep.

These are the 10 first things that you can do with your new iPhone, or show whoever comes to ask you that classic question: “So, what’s new in this iPhone?“. ?