The evolution of gaming controls

The evolution of gaming controls

Damien Lopez, a student at the University of Carnegie Mellon, did a study on the 25 years in the evolution of the controls used to “control” electronic games. The result is two series of illustrations made with the help of Adobe Illustrator. In the first, it shows the evolution in the controls used in video games like the late Atari (as I wanted to have mine until today …) and the modern Nintendo Wii.

Evolution of gaming controlsEvolution of gaming controls

It is impressive to see how the design of some controls like the Xbox "Old" actually made life difficult for many users. It is also interesting to note how the controller used in the various versions of the PlayStation continues to this day, being very good to use.

The second series shows how the controls were used in portable devices like the good old Game Boy, passing through newer models, such as Sony's PSP.

Evolution of handheld device controlsEvolution of handheld device controls

Anyone who wants to can download a PDF version of the illustration created by Damien here (580KB).

(Via: Daring Fireball.)