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The Enchanted Kingdom Free | AndroidPIT

Enter a colorful world full of adventure and mystery: these are the catchphrases for conquering children. She expresses a fact: not only children, but even adults are still looking for some magic. The Enchanted Kingdom Free is a game that promises to bring magic plants, dragons, monsters, wizards and other unusual characters. Want to know more about this app, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G) Android Version: 4.0.4Root: NoRoda From: Android 2.1The Enchanted Kingdom Free says it all by name: it is an enchanted world in which is Elisa, the beautiful heir to the throne. Ruling a kingdom, however, is not one of the easiest things and its responsibilities are many: organizing maps, gems, etc. In all, there are fifty activities to be performed to reach higher levels.

Some missions (or activities) are more difficult than others. The easier ones will get more mountainous over time. But in general, the Enchanted Kingdom took our attention for a long time.

There are 43 goals to be met. For example, a player hits one of them, helping Elisa in seven different locations all at once. There is no violence in this game, which makes it suitable for children too.

The graphic design of the app is very well made and the game is also available in HD. The punctuation and the musical elements are fun and very suggestive. There are many dialogues that greatly assist in creating an adapted and even useful atmosphere for the configurations.

In case some movements of the game are not very clear, the app has a nice animated explanation, which will surely answer all your doubts.

Conclusion:The Enchanted Kingdom Free is a very special game with its colorful design and populated by magic creatures. The player certainly immerses himself in a particular atmosphere and delights in the challenges posed by the activities / missions to be accomplished. We do not rule out the possibility of you becoming an addict to this game. So beware 🙂

Screen & Controls

The user interface is easy to use because it is intuitive. The buttons and menu are configured with a very playful aesthetic, which reflects a bit the game's own atmosphere. The Enchanted Kingdom Free is easy to navigate because it was designed in a very structured way.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Enchanted Kingdom Free ran smoothly during all of our test batteries. Even on less sophisticated devices, the graphic works very well. We did not notice any interruption in the game.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Enchanted Kingdom Free is available on Google Play and costs no penny, notable since the app has a very interesting graphic. Of course there are banner ads and also an option to cease the game store where you can buy in-app elements.

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