The downside of the new Apple TV: broken remote control, outdated Remote app and more

The downside of the new Apple TV: broken remote control, outdated Remote app and more

Every year when a new iPhone is released, it undergoes a variety of resistance tests with the device, including the traditional drop ones. This year, with the iPhone 6s, it was no different. Incidentally, it was no different, after all the device's screen continues to break with a certain ease unfortunately we still don't have iPhones with a screen equivalent to the Motorola DROID Turbo 2 (here in Brazil it is called Motorola X Force). Well now, my friend, just as you worry about not dropping your iPhone, having to worry about controlling the new Apple TV.

The new set-top box da Ma comes with a totally new control, with a touch-sensitive surface. Because this part of the accessory is made of glass! You lost count of how many times you dropped your TV control, right? Well, if that happens with this new Apple TV controller, the chances of it looking like this are huge:

Remote control of the new Apple TVThis problem did not exist in the old control. | Image credit: @ right2pandaarms

The user @ right2pandaarms, do Reddit, said that his friend had the control in his lap and, when getting up from the sofa, knocked him over without realizing it. Although it still works, there is no way to use a control so the chances of getting hurt with this broken glass are great.

As this beauty of control costs “only” R $ 649 here in Brazil, I sincerely believe that very soon we will see cases being sold to him. How far have we come

The touch-sensitive control, while fragile, is very cool. Just typing using it remains a pain in the ass (watch the quick tour video we publish to understand how it works).

ITunes Remote app icon

The best alternative that exists for this problem is to use the app Remote, from Apple, via iPhone / iPod touch. With it we can easily type words and passwords, without having to select letter by letter (the famous cata maize). Only, to our surprise, the app is not yet compatible with the fourth generation Apple TV.

Everything indicates that this is something temporary and that Apple will update the app to include new support set-top box (there is no reason for that not to happen), but that is frustrating,. That is, those who like to use the app on the Apple Watch to control the Apple TV also have to wait.

App Podcasts for Apple TV

Another “low” of Apple TV is the lack of the app Podcasts, something that exists in the third generation but that was left out of the new. At least this seems to be corrected by Apple relatively quickly, since the product demo video that runs on Apple Retail Stores shows the official app.

Still, we are talking about a very cool product that will only improve over time after all Apple invest in updates for tvOS and several apps are being released to set-top box every day. If you are looking to purchase your Apple TV, be sure to read this article.

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