The Complete Chrome Shortcut Guide: Make Screenshots and More

Chrome OS operating devices, called Chromebooks or Chromeboxes, have many keyboard shortcuts for a wide variety of operations. From screenshots to accessibility settings, this comprehensive guide contains all shortcuts that can be used in the Google operating system.

Understand the terms

Before you begin, you need to know which keys I am referring to. that the keyboard layout of Chromebooks is different from the conventional one, and they have keys specific to certain functions. From now on, we will refer to them with these names:

  • Come back: right arrow of the ESC key. Alternate key: F1
  • Recharge: circular arrow. Alternate key: F2
  • Full screen: rectangle with two little arrows in the corners, right of Reload. Alternative Key: F3
  • Windows: rangle with two right "bars". Alternative Key: F4
  • Decrease brightness: Little sun. Alternate key: F5
  • Increase brightness: Big sun Alternative Key: F6
  • Mute: Speaker with a diagonal line. Alternate key: F8
  • Up and down volume: speaker with one or two semicircles in front. Alternative keys: F9 and F10
  • Search: It has a magnifying glass design or two concentric circles, instead of Caps Lock.
  • Assistant: a special key with the Google Assistant symbol. Not present on most Chromebooks.
AndroidPIT acer chromebook 15 0241
The keyboard of Chromebooks has a different layout than the standard used on PCs / AndroidPIT.

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Common Functions

  • Take a screenshot: Ctrl + Windows (or Ctrl + F5)
  • Partial Screenshot: Shift + Ctrl + Windows (or Shift + Ctrl + F5). Click and drag the mouse to select the area you want to capture.
  • Turn Caps Lock On / Off: Search + Alt
  • Lock screen: Search + L
  • Sign out of your Google Account: Shift + Ctrl + q (twice)
  • View a list of all shortcuts: Ctrl + Alt + /
AndroidPIT Acer Chromebook Spin 13 keyboard
With our guide, you can work much faster on Chrome OS. / AndroidPIT

Tabs and windows

Open a new window Ctrl + n
Open new window annima Shift + Ctrl + n
Open a new tab Ctrl + t
Open a file in browser Ctrl + o
Close current tab Ctrl + w
Close current window Shift + Ctrl + w
Reopen last tab or closed window Shift + Ctrl + t
Move between 1 and 8 tab of a window Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8
Go last tab in a window Ctrl + 9
Go to next tab in window Ctrl + Tab
Go to previous tab in a window Shift + Ctrl + Tab
Quickly switch between windows Hold the Alt key and press the Tab key successively until the desired window appears, then release the keys.
Show most recently used window Hold Shift + Alt, and press Tab.
Previous non-historical page Alt + Left Arrow
Next page in history Alt + Right Arrow
Open a link in a new background tab Hold Ctrl and click a link.
Open a link in a new foreground tab Hold Shift + Ctrl and click a link.
Open a link in a new window. Hold Shift and click a link
Open a link in current tab Drag the link to the address bar at the top of the window.
Open a link in a new tab Drag the link to a right blank space on the open tabs.
Open a webpage in a new tab Enter the address in the address bar and press Alt + Enter
Move tab to its previous position While dragging a window, press Esc
Throw a window to the left Alt + (
Maximize a window Alt + =
Minimize a window Alt + –
Throw a window to the right

Alt +)

Switch windows between monitors (if your computer is connected to an external monitor) Search + Alt + m

Web pages

Page Up Search + Up Arrow or Alt + Up Arrow
Page down Search + Down Arrow or Alt + Down Arrow
Scroll down page Space
Back to top (Home) Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
Go to end of page Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Print current page Ctrl + p
Save current page Ctrl + s
Reload current page Ctrl + r
Reload current page without cache Shift + Ctrl + r
Enlarge Ctrl y +
Reduce Ctrl y –
Restore to normal size Ctrl + 0
Stop loading the current page Esc
Simulate right click on a link Hold alt and click the link
Open a link in a new background tab Hold Ctrl and click the link.
Bookmark a link Drag link to bookmarks bar
Save current page to bookmarks Ctrl + d

Save all open tabs in the current window to a new favorites folder.

Shift + Ctrl + d
Search current page Ctrl + f
Next search result Ctrl + g or Enter
Previous Search Result Shift + Ctrl + g or Shift + Enter
Google Search Ctrl + k or Ctrl + e

Add www. and to the text in the search bar and load the result.

Ctrl + Enter
See the source code of the page Ctrl + u
Show or hide developer panel Shift + Ctrl + i
Show or hide console Shift + Ctrl + j
Show or hide bookmarks bar Shift + Ctrl + b
Open history Ctrl + h
Open Downloads Page Ctrl + j

System or screen setup

Open file manager Shift + Alt + m
Preview a file Select a file and hit Space
Show hidden files Ctrl +.
Open the status bar Shift + Alt + s
Click on cones 1 through 8 of the bottom panel Alt + 1 to Alt + 8
Click on the bottom icon of the bottom panel Alt + 9
Function keys (F1 to F12) Search + 1 to Search + =
Notifications Shift + Alt + n
Change screen resolution Shift + Ctrl y + o –
Restore previous screen resolution Shift + Ctrl + 0
Rotate screen 90 degrees Shift + Ctrl + Reload
Switch to next user Ctrl + Alt +.
Switch to previous user Ctrl + Alt +,


Enable or disable Caps Lock Search + Alt
Select entire page content Ctrl + a
Select Address Bar Content Ctrl + L or Alt + d
Select next word or letter Shift + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Select all text to end of line Search + Shift + Right Arrow
Select all text to beginning of line Search + Shift + Left Arrow
Select previous word or letter Shift + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Move cursor to end of next word Ctrl + Right Arrow
Move cursor to beginning of previous word Ctrl + Left Arrow
Move cursor to beginning of line Search + Left Arrow
Move cursor to end of line Search + Right Arrow
Back to the beginning of a document Search + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Go to end of document Search + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Copy selected content to clipboard Ctrl + c
Paste content from clipboard Ctrl + v
Paste clipboard content as text only Shift + Ctrl + v
Cut selected content Ctrl + x
Delete previous word Ctrl + Back
Delete next letter (DEL) Alt + Back
Undo the last action Ctrl + z
Repeat one undone Shift + Ctrl + z

Switch to next language and keyboard map

Shift + Ctrl + Space

Switch to previous keyboard map and language

Ctrl + Space
Decrease keyboard brightness (on devices with this feature) Alt + Decrease Brightness
Increase keyboard brightness (on devices with this feature) Alt + Increase brightness


Enable or disable ChromeVox (narration) Ctrl + Alt + z
Enable high contrast mode Search + Ctrl + h
Select Launcher Button Shift + Alt + L
Select next element from bottom panel Shift + Alt + L and then Tab or Right Arrow
Select previous element from bottom panel Shift + Alt + L and then + Tab or left arrow
Open selected item in bottom pane Shift + Alt + L and Space or Enter
Deselect elements in bottom panel Shift + Alt + L and Esc
Select bookmarks bar (if visible) Shift + Alt + b
Select row in address bar Shift + Alt + t
"Right click" on selected element Search + Shift + Volume Up
Enlarge to full screen Search + Ctrl + m
Enlarge part of screen Search + Ctrl + d

Using shortcuts on external keyboards

If you use a PC or Mac keyboard, the Windows or Command keys replace the Search key.

How to change key operation:

  • Click on the clock in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Click on Configuration
  • Under "Device" click Keyboard
  • Click on "Change keyboard key behavior"

And you use a computer running Chrome OS? Which shortcuts do you use most often?

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