Learn more about Fusion Drive, a new storage solution optionally offered on desktop Macs

the combination of HDD storage and SSD speed

Learn more about Fusion Drive, a new storage solution optionally offered on desktop Macs

When we talk about the new iMacs today, during the Apple special event, we quickly comment on the Fusion Drive. But the feature is interesting and deserves our highlight.

Icons - Fusion Drive, HDD and SSD

Below, the explanation given by Apple:

The new iMac comes with an innovative storage option called Fusion Drive, which combines a high-capacity hard drive with high-performance flash storage. Fusion Drive manages your data automatically and intelligently, leaving apps, documents, photos and other files you use most for faster flash storage and less-used items on your hard drive. Boot time also decreases, and as the system learns to work, applications will start faster and access to files will be easier.

Fusion Drive performance

Very cool, isn’t it? The most interesting thing is that the user does not have to worry about anything, as all this management of what is on the HDD and SSD is done automatically by OS X. During the event, Apple commented on the feature while presenting the new generation of iMacs, however, Fusion Drive is also available for Macs mini.

It is worth mentioning, however, that it does not accompany any machine in a standard way, that is, both iMacs and Macs mini leave the factory with conventional HDDs. If you want to equip your machine with such a drive, you will have to customize it via the Apple Online Store.

In the case of iMacs, the Fusion Drive options are 1TB and 3TB, and the basic 21.5-inch model is not compatible with it. On the Mac mini, only the top-of-the-line model is compatible – 1TB Fusion Drive ($ 250 more for the option).

For now, as the new Macs are not yet for sale in Brazil, we have no way of knowing the price of this game – as soon as we know, we will communicate here on the website. But nothing stops me from kicking it: the 1TB Fusion Drive will cost R $ 750. The 3TB price is difficult to estimate, since we do not even know the dollar price.