The Code: Story of Linux, The System Origins Documentary

Learn the story of Linux creation and creators in this amazing documentary

Today I have a very nice gift for you, a documentary about the origins of Linux and the ideas of Free Software, a must for anyone who likes the Penguin system.

The Code: Story of Linux

A documentary for you to know the system you use

You may have heard that using Linux is sometimes more than a choice, a philosophy of life, and among us they are not wrong. The Linux we used today used, well … for everything! One day it was just a dream of a college student who simply wanted to make "the job" of studying easier.

It turned out that this program that started with a mere 10,000 lines of code found another project of people who had the ideal of sharing the software, making it free for use and distribution, and in this way a system was born that is now supplied by leading technology companies. of the world and has over 19 million lines in its code, which we call GNU / Linux.

Maybe you know the trajectory of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, now you will know the story of the true hackers that made the technology we have today possible, prepare popcorn and see: The Code: Story of Linux.

I added the Portuguese subtitles to the documentary to make it easier to understand, but you need to enable it in the YouTube player by clicking on the gear in the bottom right corner.

Make good use of it and help spread the word about it! :]

See you next time!

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