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The chances of you winning a Samsung or Motorola this Christmas are great.

Since smartphones were introduced to the market, they have become the preference of users when giving some. Smart phones always dominate buying intentions, regardless of whether they are starting or breaking up, secret friend or even engagement. This year, the possibility of buying one to win a cell phone from LG, Motorola or Samsung is great. Find out why.

The website zoom It is a very popular price comparator among users. From time to time, the site publishes lists that show some market trends, such as the intention of users to buy for special occasions or dates, such as Black Friday, Christmas and New Year. These surveys are based on research done at selected times within the site.

As we are in Santa's time, obviously, the search for smartphones increases. In the table below we have the devices that were the most searched during the first weeks of December. The data were consolidated on the last day 12, see:

Top Searches *
Minimum price (average)
Samsung Galaxy J5

Moto G4 Plus

LG K10

Moto G4

Moto G4 Play

Samsung Galaxy J7 Metal

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Apple iPhone 5S (16GB)

Samsung Galaxy On7

R $ 739.99
R $ 1,169.10
R $ 674.10
R $ 969.90
R $ 692.10
R $ 979.00
R $ 1,198.50
R $ 1,390.49
R $ 629,99
* List is in ascending order, from most searched to least searched.

Where are the releases of the year?

Looking at this list, I asked myself the following question: cad Asus, Sony, Moto Z and Lenovo Vibe? Well, in a year of strong economic recession, I believe that Brazilians have decided to invest in devices with some life time, and that they are already more affordable prices. The list generally shows a preference for smartphones released before the first half of this year. The presence of the iPhone 5S illustrates this trend well.

AndroidPIT motorcycle mods heros 2325
Moto Z one of the highlights of 2016 / AndroidPIT

With the majority of the population turning the year on a tight budget, importing and looking for old connoisseurs or cost-effective intermediate tops end up becoming more viable options. Of course, Zoom's research represents a portion of smartphone enthusiasts in Brazil, but in a way, it reflects well the consumer reality of most users today.

Buying for a no-launch model of the year can be very interesting for those who want to save money and still guarantee a great smartphone. In the article below, we've put together some tips you can consider to ensure the perfect purchase:

Did you buy any phones this year? Which model on the list would you give away?

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