The British Museum redesigned the COVID-19 pandemic online collection

The British Museum redesigned the COVID-19 pandemic online collection

The museum has redesigned the collection online and now gives access to about 4.5 million objects and more than 2 million records, which can be searched in a simpler and more intuitive way. The work complements the various initiatives that the British Museum has been developing online, such as virtual visits to some galleries, participation in the Google Arts & Culture project and even the YouTube channel where its curators share the experiences of organizing collections every week. recover pieces in the museum.

Through the online collection you can now discover new pieces, prepared to give more proximity to the visitor, with high definition images that can be enlarged and examined in detail, in a collection that has pieces with more than two million years of history that cover the six continents.

From some of the first objects created by man to works by contemporary artists, the choice is vast, and there are also some collections prepared by curators, covering themes such as desire, love and identity, or death and memory, but also organized by geographic areas such as collection of the Americas and China.

If you need help there is a guide to help you explore the online collection, but we suggest that you do not stop here and that you also discover many other online resources, some made especially to accompany the school curriculum or satisfy curiosity about how the Egyptians were mummified, or what the Romans ate and drank, for example.

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