The best usage tips for Quantum GO

Quantum GO is an interesting intermediate, with national manufacturing and good specifications. Many users are looking for information about its features and features embedded by the manufacturer natively on the device. So we have prepared a selection with the best usage tips for you who have already purchased Quantum GO or are researching which features the most attractive option for Moto G 2015 offers. Check out our tips below.

1. Adjust screen colors

Quantum GO has a very interesting image processor, MiraVision. This technology is provided by MediaTek, which is also the processor manufacturer that equips the device. The image wizard allows you to calibrate the display colors according to the user's taste, between color temperature, contrast, brightness, sharpness and dynamic contrast options. MiraVision can be found between system display configurations, with two preset modes (vivid and standard), plus an option for manual adjustment (user mode).

Sharpening should be used sparingly to avoid distorting images reproduced on the screen, such as the photo gallery, camera, and the device's own wallpaper. Overall, the work done by MiraVision is interesting, keeping the Quantum GO AMOLED panel more balanced or intense.

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MiraVision dashboard present in Quantum GO. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2 id=2. Back up files and personal information

Quantum provides Quantum GO with a great tool for data backup and restoration. With it, you can make a copy of contacts, messages, photos, music, calendars and application information directly on the SD card inserted in the device. In addition to security, this native backup tool can be a hand in the wheel when relocating information that is taking up space on the device and thereby freeing up more space in the internal memory.

Here's a very interesting tip: Click the settings key that appears next to the "contact" option to send information from the SIM-card and the device's internal memory directly to the microSD.

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Old Quantum GO backup and restore tool. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2 id=3. Set SD card as default memory

Many users prefer to move data or entire applications to the SD card. Android Lollipop 5.1 in Quantum GO allows this information migration to happen more practically. To do this, simply access the System Settings> Storage and click on the "SD card" option in the "standard disc burning" context. Thus, all application data, images and videos will definitely be transferred to external memory.

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Set microSD as the default Quantum GO memory. / ANDRODIPIT
<h2 id=4. Optimize battery life

The economy mode present in Lollipop 5.1 is basic, but can be optimized with a few clicks. Find the "Battery" option in System Settings, activate the corresponding smart standby switch, and then select the "smart battery saver" option. In this option, activate the power save switch and set at what percentage of load the function should be activated automatically. In addition, you can use a mode called monochrome, which displays only black, white, and gray colors.

The monochrome option can be used in extreme situations and, combined with AMOLED display technology, will result in a few extra minutes of power for your Quantum GO.

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Quantum GO energy saving. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2 id=5. Set a song as a ringtone

Liking some music that is playing and setting it as the device's default ringtone is a simple task with Quantum GO, specifically your standard music player. The Quantum solution is not very pretty, but it has its merits, such as a native equalizer, album art download and an option to set the music being played as a smartphone ringtone.

To do this, select the desired song in the Quantum player, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the app and select the "set as ringtone" option. Ready! No further procedure is required, immediately the music will be set as the ringtone for all your calls.

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Set your favorite pipe as ringtone./ ANDRODIPIT
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And what function of Quantum GO did you find most useful?

Some tips in this article are compatible with other devices running Android Lollipop 5.0 or later.

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