The best torrent download programs for Windows and Android

The best torrent download programs for Windows and Android

Torrent is one of the most widely used technologies for file exchange over the Internet as it can offer good speeds and has no limitations on the size of the file to be sent or received. In turn, last week, one of the most popular programs in this category came to be recognized as a threat by antivirus software, which may have left some users at hand or even worried.

Fortunately, the Internet, of course, there are other options for customers, who can replace him and bring even more resources. To help you know which clients are the best torrent download clients, Digital Look has prepared this list with options for those using Windows or Android in this task. Check out:

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The use of illegal torrent?

Although the torrent of technology is often linked to piracy, it is worth remembering that the use of torrent not illegal. It is a widely used P2P technology for the distribution of legal files such as Linux distributions, Android ROMs, open source programs and others.

Thus, its illegal use depends on the user. Therefore, download game files, music, movies, and other copyrighted files without the permission of the artists or copyright owners. With due caveats, here's the list of apps:



The first option from the list one of the lightest clients for Windows, despite all avanadas functions that other major category programs have. At first, the application emerged as a code-free alternative to Torrent, which over time grew heavier, as well as getting involved with polemics, such as software that accompanied it during installation.


Among its outstanding features, the program features an integrated web file search engine, RSS feed support for download automation and a web interface for remotely controlling downloads.


One of the programs that has the most different interface of the category Tixati. Despite he seemed kind of strange in the beginning, once you get used to the layout of the program menus, it becomes powerful.


The big difference is it just for its low usage of memory and bring only necessary for downloads. So do not expect to find some avanadas functions such as pre-visualization files being downloaded. Despite its simplicity, the most advanced features of other clients torrents are present in it to ensure good speed and control of your downloads.


The last option on the list for Windows is slightly heavier than the other programs listed above. Still, the great power of control it offers to its users make it worth a mention.

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In addition to the standard features of the other programs we listed, Deluge wins over its users with the ability to use plugins to increase its number of functions. With them, you can automate tasks such as moving full folder downloads, setting speed limits according to internet usage, automatic file renaming and others.



Famous for being adopted as the official torrent program in Ubuntu, Transmission is available for almost all operating systems and, on Android, it maintains its quality coupled with simplicity.


As differentials, the program has the possibility to leave a specific Wi-Fi network for torrent download only and allows its remote control via internet, as it is done on Windows clients. Despite all these features, Transmission is still one of the lightest programs in its category on Android.


Like Transmission, Flud is a torrent client that values ​​simplicity. Its biggest advantage is the freedom it gives the user when managing files or adding downloads to the list, as many other Android clients only let you choose where the file will be saved after the download is completed.


Another of its differentials is the support for downloads on SD cards that use formats other than FAT32. Also, support for sequential downloads so that your connection and device are not loaded with simultaneous downloads.