The best relationship apps


Let's start with the most famous and most used in the country, the Tinder. To use the app you need to sign up with Facebook (they promise not to post anything on your social network), fill in some data, upload some photos, set some preferences and you're done, Tinder will start showing who is next to you that fits in the characteristics you predetermined.

Go forward with you: drag your finger to the right or touch the green heart to like it; drag left or tap the red (X) to one (NOPE). If the person you like likes back, the app warns you, giving you the possibility to start a chat, chat and maybe make an appointment.

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Tinder / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

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OKCupid Dating

You can sign up for OKCupid with your Facebook account or by creating an account on the app itself. He asks for some basic information: gender, sexual orientation, location, and birthday. After the account is created, the app asks you five personal questions to help you choose who it will show you. Upload your photo and get ready to choose from the people the app has selected for you.

OKCupid allows you to make a very complete profile: a little personal summary, what are you doing, what is good, music, movies, favorites, what are you looking for, … you can also answer more questions, and even choose which ones. the answers you would like the person to give. All this to improve the app selection process.

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OkCupid / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

OkCupid Dating
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Known and used all over the world, one of the most user-friendly dating apps spread across countries. However it is particular to a very specific audience: gay men. After creating an account, just edit your profile with a photo, age, height, weight, ethnicity, "tribe", body type, relationship status and what you're looking for. After that, the app shows results based only on your location.

When you choose the guy you are interested in, you can start a conversation, no need to like it before or get one too. The free version has ads and a limit on how many men appear, the paid version works by subscription, which varies between 17 and 43 reais per month, in this version Grindr shows more results, has more filters and even offers notifications.

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Grindr / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Grindr – Gay Chat, Contacts and Dating
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The name is a hint: LesPark is an exclusive dating app for lesbian women. You can create an account or log in via Facebook or Twitter. OKCupid-like operation: fill in your data, upload your photo and you're done, the app shows women divided into 5 categories: online, nearby, new users, global users and Super Star. You can text and / or follow the person.

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LesPark / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

LesPark – Best Lesbian App
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The POF has a different registration, it requires you to fill in various information: city, zip code, second language, training, if you want to have children, if you have a car, monthly income and even a text about personal characteristics with at least 100 characters. The POF interface is also different from other applications. Here cones show Messages, Ultra Affinity, Search, Locations, Affinities, Who Visited Me, Dating, Profile, and Favorites.

Moreover, the operation is the same: choose the person, see their characteristics and exchange messages if you are interested. The app also offers a tool that allows you to call the person you are interested in without revealing their phone number.

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POF / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

POF free dating site
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This application aims to promote interaction between users in a lighter way, ie you may find someone who just wants to talk. It is great for beginners in this type of service as it has an intuitive interface.

It enables the user to access the BoyAhoy Gay Chat social network. It works simply. For him, you get comments on the photos, like the profile of another user and if he likes it back, you will be warned and talk directly.

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BoyaHoy / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

BoyAhoy – Gay Chats, Meet
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This great application is very similar to Tinder. Its mode of interaction, user presentation, application usability, private chat, operation and various other points are very similar. You can tell he is a direct competitor.

He does not have the same number of users as his competitor, but is increasingly gaining supporters around the world. This is a great option for you that are new to this type of application, or even for you who got sick of Tinder.

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Badoo / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Download the Badoo app directly from the Play Store


This app has become increasingly popular when it comes to Chat and lesbian dating. This is an app for you woman who wants to interact with another woman in order to create a friendship, or even find that dear one.

With a simple interface and easy interaction, it has over 15 million users worldwide. It's a great option in this crowded relationship application market.

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Spicy / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Chat & Dating Lesbian – SPICY
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These were some of the many relationship apps available. And do you have any others you like that aren't on the list? Leave your comment.

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