The Best Online Courses For You To Learn Linux From Beginner To Advanced

A great opportunity for you to learn Linux from the best online courses.

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Today you will get an excellent opportunity to study Linux without leaving home, we have prepared a selection of Linux courses to make you more "sharp" about the Penguin system.

Linux Online Courses

Learn Linux without leaving home

In this time of financial crisis nothing more important than having a market differential, having more knowledge can help ensure a good job and can open doors for all technology professionals.

Thinking of broadening the range of products offered and also offering you, dear reader, the possibility of finding a good Linux study material we have opened our training sector by partnering with very qualified people, bringing courses that try to become more comprehensive every day.

Beginner Courses

Linux course for beginners

For people just starting out on Linux a great option is our introductory course on Ubuntu and Fedora for everyone who wants to know.

Another content that will be interesting for you to know the Libre Office Writer course, this will greatly facilitate your life in migrating operating systems or even if you use Windows, if you no longer want to pay or pirate a office.

Intermediate Knowledge

Linux shell

After getting through the first step of learning, it may be a good time to start understanding how the Linux Shell (Unix) works, working with commands, creating scripts, all of which is very easy with the courses.

Advanced knowledge

Sysadmin Linux Course

Finally, we have great options for you as a systems professional, working with servers or looking to work in this area, I'm sure these courses will make a difference in your learning and professionalization.

– LPIC-1 + CompTIA + Linux Certification Preparation Course

And more courses coming soon

These courses were developed by some of our partners, Tux4you Academy and Uncomplicated Linux, soon we will have courses of our own and more material from our partners.

We have come to the conclusion that complaining "that there are no Linux courses and training" is not enough then we are taking the initiative to make it possible for you, an assiduous reader of what blog you are interested in learning but did not know for. where to start.

I would like to leave the door open for other independent content producers who want to publish their materials with us, this goes for training as well as books and manuals, whether they are free or paid, contact us and we will teach Brazil how to use Linux.

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