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The best new apps released this week

Thanks to the support of our community, we started April with a list of the top five mobile apps that have just been released in the past seven days. We hope this list full of fun apps will help you get distracted in this quarantine:

Spotify Kids

The streaming music giant has already made its application available in Brazil. If you have a family subscription, you won't have to pay anything to use the Spotify Kids app. This application offers filters for different age categories, from 0-6 years old.

For example: the selection includes music and lullabies, but also soundtracks for films and cartoons, of course. All of this is accessible directly from a search bar or can be discovered in playlists prepared by Spotify teams, with the option of saving your favorite tracks.

Educational content and even audiobooks and night stories are also available.

Spotify Kids Une

To download click here.

GRIS (R $ 16.99)

This game is eagerly awaited by connoisseurs of this type of mysterious universe. It is not only an original proposal from the visual point of view (a picturesque world, delicate visuals and elaborate animations punctuated by an original soundtrack), but also a universe to be discovered.

In this game, you will follow an optimistic young woman, but haunted by a painful experience that has shaken her life. Playing with a range of emotions that I find interesting, GRIS takes you immersed in a story where the heroine sees her world in a completely different light and discovers unexpected paths that her emerging abilities allow her to explore.

It is difficult to describe, because it is more of an experience than a simple game for smartphones, but GRIS proves that applications can offer something new and original to discover.

To download click here.

Rogue Grinders: Roguelike Dungeon RPG

Fans of retro games should be excited about the Rogue Grinders: RPG Roguelike Dungeon. Continuing the classic storyline of this type of game, you will guide your hero through dungeons (type of old prison), unlock new heroes, defeat monsters and collect powerful weapons.

This app offers a good retro feel reminiscent of console games from 20 years ago, where you will have to fight monsters and upgrade your weapons to get further into dangerous dungeons. an adventure story to enjoy online or offline!

To download click here.

Missile Command: Recharged

When I first played this game, I immediately had a kind of "dj vu". Mssil Command: A mobile version of the arcade game mystic with the same name was reloaded.

Connoisseurs and other nostalgic (but not so nostalgic) players will enjoy playing this fast-paced, arcade-style action game on their cell phones, where players must defend their bases by shooting in the endless rain of rockets falling from the sky.

You can launch missiles to protect your base and aim for power-ups (increases the power of the player-controlled character) that take over at critical times.

A little extra trick: use the new augmented reality feature to design your game on a virtual arcade terminal and take your rocket destruction to the next level!

To download click here.

Here are the new apps of the week. Do you feel tempted by one of these applications? Do you have any other applications to suggest? Let us know in the comment section. Most importantly, stay at home to try them out!

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