The best job search apps

The best job search apps

Nowadays the job search means are easier, due to internet and software which have templates for professional curricula. Applications are also of great help, however, each has a layout and different features that can confuse some people. We have separated the best applications that can help you in this quest for new challenges, but without many complications.


This App is available in several countries, you can select already on the first page you want to search offers. Registration can be done through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or by entering your email. The search is very easy, just put the profession you want to exercise and the region in which you would like to search. Offers are listed under the name you entered in the bold search for easy viewing. Unfortunately for now the search is only available in English.

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It is very easy to search the best vacancies with Jobrapido! / ANDROIDPIT


While not a job search application in itself, Facebook can help a lot when it comes to finding a new job. There are several job groups and communities in most regions of Brazil and around the world, they can be found by city, profession or even job types such as internships and freelance jobs. Large companies also use their social networks, such as Facebook, to inform users and potential candidates of new open positions. Check the vacancies closest to you and always receive the most updated news. There are more than 600 vacancies published per day. But pay close attention, this is an open network and no internal control, so some of the proposals may not be true.

Facebook jobs
Use Facebook to find more than 600 jobs per day. / ANDROIDPIT

Linked Employment

The Linked Employment app is totally free and very easy to use. Registration can be done with your Facebook account or phone number and it only takes 2 minutes. The app promises to find job openings near your home and you who book the interviews. The vacancies offered are for telemarketing, administrative, sales, construction, industrial, transportation, restaurant, cleaning, retail, general services and health. You can then search for more specific vacancies according to the area you have chosen, arrange interviews, get job tips and share offers.

Linked Employment
The job sectors are limited but very well organized. / ANDROIDPIT


We opened the selection with the best known social network in the field of jobs and work contacts in general. The simple LinkedIn app is your main profile business card, which acts as a timeline with courses, work, and curriculum activities. The area of ​​specific knowledge should be filled carefully, as it is based on tags which subsequently assist companies in finding candidates based on these common interests. LinkedIn has a paid version, although the free version is satisfactory for most users.

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LinkedIn is a social network focused on work and people gesture. / ANDROIDPIT

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Trovit allows applicants to search for vacancies in 38 countries, as well as sign up for alerts about new vacancies by email, as well as search for alleged salary. Vacancies that do not match the profile of the User can be shared directly from the app to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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You can connect your Google+ / ANDROIDPIT

Jobs: Trovit Jobs
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In Brazil Catho is the most popular job service among users. The free plan allows the application for vacancies for 7 days, being optionally marketed monthly and quarterly plans. The user can also receive notifications of new vacancies through email alerts, with option to submit articles about professional development and labor market.

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Catho is one of the most accessed and known services in Brazil. / ANDROIDPIT

Jobs – Catho
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Info Jobs

Info Jobs is one of the pioneers in this segment, and has a vast bank of registered companies. Free curriculum registration and plans are marketed after 1 month. For broader profiles the search can be done between 50 countries and 28 languages.

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Info Jobs features a vast array of users and businesses. / ANDROIDPIT

InfoJobs – Job Vacancies
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Completely free, SINE is a vacancy classified covering the entire national territory. If your Facebook profile is in agreement, the connection to the social network validates the information and fills in the registration automatically. Most jobs are for outsourced workers such as helpers, assistants and operational.

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Simple shine composed of vacancies that cover the whole country. / ANDROIDPIT

SINE – Job Vacancies
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Indeed Jobs

One of the differentials of the service is in the location of vacancies in the vicinity of the user through the use of the GPS present in the device. Indeed keeps track of the vacancies that have been viewed, and alerts the user if any company has accessed their profile. Initially the free plan, and may be purchased monthly, bimonthly and quarterly packages.

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Indeed's homepage has a locale filtering search. / ANDROIDPIT

Indeed Job Search
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Job seekers like freelancer In multinational companies, find in this app a great alternative. With a focus on vacancies for other languages, you can apply to companies specializing in various areas. According to the developers a Portuguese version will be available soon, which makes it easier for many users to navigate between the vacancies.

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The ideal Freelancer for those looking for jobs in multinational companies. / ANDROIDPIT

Freelancer – Hire and Find Jobs
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And which application of this selection have you used and recommended?

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