The best free software of 2020

The best free software of 2020

Check out a list of the best free software of 2020, divided into several categories, for you to have productivity without spending money

There are few things more rewarding in technological life than looking for a program and finding a free version of it, even more that works well. With that in mind, we've separated a not so small and short list of free software, all recently updated. This true practical use manual includes programs with the most varied utilities, from image editors to file management. But do not worry, it is easy to find what is of interest to you, just search the index.

After all, buying and maintaining a decent quality computer is a costly task in itself. There is nothing more fair, then, than balancing expenses when looking for legal alternatives in the legal sense and, why not, within the scope of adjectives to satisfy everyday computing needs.

Some considerations: free software presented here were chosen based on some criteria, such as their availability on the manufacturer's own website; the availability of a download for Windows or else its presence on the web; the software must have at least part of it free forever; not having or almost not having ads; have been updated at most two years ago.

Without further ado, let's get down to business. We divided the list into functionalities and in alphabetical order, all to make your life easier:

Remote access and screen sharing


AnyDesk is interesting because it allows remote access to a specific computer by other computers or by a smartphone. When downloading the program on the PC, it generates a code specific to that machine that can be used on other devices and allows full control of the first computer. Very good, isn't it? You can download it from the website.

Team Viewer

With this program, you can remotely connect to computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world and use them as if you were there. In addition, you can also connect remotely to servers, commercial-grade machines and more. The best that TeamViewer is available for all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS and even as extensive for the Google Chrome, just choose yours from the website download menu.


Image representing the green elephant, symbol of the Evernote app Evernote is a free note taking software.


The friendly green elephant is the trademark of Evernote, a free program that serves as a notepad. Like any notepad, it serves to write down and organize whatever you want. The advantage is that, in the free version, Evernote can be used on two devices, which means that you can have access to your writings on both PC and smartphone, for example. V, Sherlock Holmes, write it down!

Google Keep

Moving from green to yellow, we have Google Keep. The inviting yellow lamp of the logo makes you question your taste for colors, but hey, life sometimes needs a yellow beacon to get your attention. This block can be connected to your account Google, allowing you to view notes on multiple devices. It can also be synchronized with your location and, for example, remind you of the shopping list when you arrive at the market. Quite useful, isn't it?

Microsoft OneNote

Next on the list of free software of the giant Microsoft, and was until recently connected to the package Office. Its purple design in the greater Joker suit style and allows the user, unlike the Evernote, making notes, tables and drawings on the same note, in addition to saving audio comments, drawings and screen prints. Here's OneNote.

Notepad ++

Replacing the old elephant with a small frog, or chameleon, the Notepad ++ is left to your imagination, a relatively simple notepad for the mortal relatives who write, so to speak, in a traditional way. Its versatility shines when, however, you want to write programming codes: each command can be changed in color, just configure it. the most useful for those working in the area of ​​computer data.

Update drivers and free software

IObit Driver Booster

Especially recommended for gamers and fans of plant technology, the program automatically detects updates for hardware and game components. Before upgrading, however, it offers a restore point if the user feels that the process has not improved the computer's performance. It is possible to upgrade to the professional version of Driver Booster too, for a fee, of course.


The software is the supraSUMO (for forgiveness for the infamous pun) of updating programs. Its name means Software Update Monitor, in free translation, and, as he suggests, the program creates a small monitor to keep an eye on all updates available on the computer, asking the user beforehand whether he wants to or not to update.

Task automation


The best free software of 2020IFTTT has recipes for integrating various online services

The name is a bit scary at first, but when you translate it, the acronym means If This, Then That gives you a lesson in Portuguese: If That, Then That. Demonstrative pronouns part, this program is responsible for integrating several services into one. You connect a command that will be activated if a certain event happens. But how so? Well, an example: the command activate umbrella reminder if the event is a rain forecast for the day. Quite interesting, to say the least.


One more of free software that automate your work. Most suitable for the professional environment and can perform 100 automated tasks per month in the free verse. Not much, but if you organize it right, it is more than enough to leverage your productivity and turn you into a true focus machine. Thank you, Zapier.

Backup and Sync

Illustration of a computer, a tablet and a notebook sending information to a cloud, in analogy to the internet cloud.Saving and syncing is easy with these free programs.


I loved this program. No, wait, I said wrong. Aomei is a relatively simple backup program that can create copies of even your operating system, predicting the loss of your data through a very serious emergency.

Dropbox Basic

I imagine that many have already seen at least his symbol hovering over the internet, but if not, Dropbox is a tool that allows you to save up to 2 GB of files. If you want more space, I suggest subscribing to the premium plan. Either way, you can access it from a variety of platforms, whether from the desktop or mobile.


Contrary to what the name might suggest, not a line of cars from Apple. a backup tool that gives you 5 GB of free storage, and can even save videos and photos from your Facebook. IDrive is especially useful when you want to delete those inconvenient family photos but want to save them somewhere safe beforehand.

Microsoft OneDrive

Another of free software from Microsoft. It is already installed on computers that use Windows 10 and guarantees 5 GB free. If you are enrolled in the program Microsoft 365, which entitles the official tools of the Office for a year, this simple limit increased to a graceful 1 TB.

Screen capture and recording

Screenshot of one of the free software, ShareX. Your logo, in the upper left, blue, green, yellow and red, each color acting like a half moon and intertwining. The interior of one of the free screen capture and recording software.


Taking control of your key Prt Scr, or Print Screen, for the latter, the app makes your screenshots much more useful. You can choose where on the screen you want to capture, instead of having an entire image and needing to spend time on Paint (yes, I know, and relax that everyone has done this once in their life), in addition to being able to put arrows and text together. Here's LightShot.


A little more complex to move around given the immense amount of options it offers. There are more than 80 editing options after capturing a screenshot. I think that in itself demonstrates the amount of things that ShareX can accomplish.

Creating and editing images

Adobe Photoshop Express

Like all good free program with an older paid brother, Photoshop Express has limited resources. You can't do much with it other than basic photo editing, how to put lens flare (that light effect) and some filters, in addition to texts, but if you are in trouble, the ideal and faster solution.


One of the free software better known, especially in the area of ​​image editing. As a user of the program's ancient times, I must comment that it is quite useful and serves for practically everything that Photoshop would do. The difference, as an amateur designer in distant times, is precisely this division: the GIMP is more aimed at amateurs and enthusiasts, while the Photoshop more professional.


Ah, the longing times Orkut, where everyone used an old version of Inkscape and its derivatives to edit and draw community photos. What few knew was that it is more versatile when making digital drawings, especially with regard to vectorization.

Icecream Image Resizer

It does exactly what it purports to do (luckily): resize images of various types. There is not much else to say, if you want to safely resize a photo, it is the program.

Free image editing program interface. In it, there is a landscape in shades of gray that represents a kind of pier being is a free and very intuitive program

a good program that rivals the GIMP the market for free software for image editing. The preference between these two is up to the user and ends up being something very subjective. What does it matter that, following some tutorials on the internet, both and GIMP can be used to the fullest.

Pixlr X

You don't need to know how to pronounce Pixlr X, just want to make some quick adjustments to the images. It also works with Dropbox, so if you have a family photo there and someone wants to change the color of their teeth or eyes, that's it, just two birds in one stone.

Video creation and editing

Screenshot of free Blender software for creating 3D modelsBlender is great for developing 3D models.


One of the most attractive free software in the design world. It allows the creation and editing of 3D models with relative freedom, both of characters and of worlds or objects, whatever you want. It is also very useful for the gaming industry. Here's Blender.


A tool to transform any video format into another. The somewhat complex HandBrake, reminding our dear ShareX mentioned earlier, but it has years of practice and Open Source, which means that there are many tutorials to help you learn your mechanics.


Compared to professional programs, it loses very little – and that little can be found, of course, when purchasing a premium package. But you don't need it, use the free version and have fun in the editions.

E-books and comics


Here is a free software high caliber that functions as an online library of e-books. That's right, it organizes and even allows editing of books in .epub and .mobi formats. If you are allergic to tallow, this is the perfect app.

Kindle (application)

Image of Kindle, reader from Amazon, on top of a wooden tableThe Kindle is also present in a Desktop application, you know?

The Amazon reader is not only a tablet for reading, but also an application that serves on your desktop and is useful for reading those e-books that you found out there. Or even the ones you bought.

Audio editing


Main free program audio editing is Audacity. Simple to handle, it delivers useful and versatile tools for beginners in the business. Ah, it is normally used in journalism courses, so there is a tip to prepare yourself as well.

Text Editors

White person typing on a silver notebook, most likely for the WordPress siteThe future of a writer or writer.


Use the Bibiscus while having a hibiscus tea and get ready for a real potent influence, with rhythmic stanzas. He organizes chapters, scenarios, characters, in short, everything a writer can ask for and for free.


If you want to be immersed in the writing experience and at the same time get rid of distractions, that's the answer. Almost like a primitive version of that game device Heavy Rain where the FBI agent could choose the scenario to study the evidence. Only FocusWriter even has typewriter noise to replace mouse clicks! Incredible. Download here: FocusWriter.


Great for creating and editing scripts, and he even keeps the names of the characters so that you never forget that character at the beginning of the series that mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps the writers of game of Thrones they should have used the tool, but hey, I'm just a copywriter, what do I know? Trelby.

PDF Tools

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Workspace basics in Acrobat DCAdobe Reader DC is the official PDF reader from Adobe, creator of the format

Whereas the Adobe was the creator of PDF, nothing more just than offering a free program so that users can read, take notes, book tickets, etc. Just download from their website and you're done.

Foxit Reader

You can create PDFs, edit them and share them with that application. It works great on Windowsbut not so good Mac and in Linux, then it has this disadvantage. Anyway, Foxit is very good.

File management

Image of the free software icon 7-zip, in black and white representing a 7 and a Z "class =" wp-image-291524 "srcset =" /2020/07/1280px-7-Zip_Icon.svg-1024x791.png 1024w, png 768w, 1280w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024pxWinrar? Forgets! better to use the 7-zip.


Did you find compressed files whose extension is not very familiar? No problem, there is a big chance that 7-Zip will be able to open and, better yet, will not charge you for it. It allows for the creation of compressed files too, so this.


Fortunately this program from the list of free software no wheel s no WindowsXP, as the name suggests. The CDBurnerXP is constantly updated and serves to create and copy CDs and DVDs.

Multi Commander

A worthy substitute for the traditional Windows Explorer, this pleasant program to use has two panels to organize your files, everything that Explorer has and still brings the possibility to automate your work of opening and closing folders all the time, living up to the name Multi Commander.

Installers and uninstallers

IObit Uninstaller

The second free program gives IObit its uninstaller, which helps the user to get rid of those insistent programs that look more like ticks on the skin. It also comes with a suggestion box, so users can help each other in this true technological crusade.


Fortunately, it is not a new type of respiratory disease, but one of the free software more useful for those who just bought a computer. Ninite takes a list of useful and customizable programs and downloads them all at once, saving a lot of work.


Sincerely? One of the most useful on the list. It automatically refuses all those programs that usually come with installers, such as antiviruses of dubious quality and the infamous Babylon. Here's Unchecky.

Virtual Machines


This type of program works like an armored car. You can open other applications within it, especially browsers, as if it were a part operating system. Shade is free and serves the purpose relatively well.

Media players

Image of the Kodi app logo, with a diamond shaped by two squares and a rectangle cut at the end in blue "class =" wp-image-291526 "srcset =" /uploads/2020/07/Kodi-side-by-side.svg-1024x724.png 1024w, side.svg-768x543.png 768w, 1280w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024pxKodi helps you watch and play your media.


If you're the type of person who doesn't like to keep changing software all the time to do one or the other, Kodi is perfect. It gathers all the media you have and want in one place, being able to play videos, movies, music, podcasts etc.


Similar to Kodi, but with fewer attributes in the free version. Plex serves more as an alternative to Windows Media Player, in reality, but it has some interesting programs as well.

VLC Media Player

When streaming services barely existed, internet users needed to make a living looking for movies, torrents and the like illegally. The main free program used to play these media files was VLC – even today, it is still very useful for reading all types of video files.


Discord*9yqjjenFSf9xAkS8AmL1EA.pngSecurity and Privacy
Dark screen with the words SECURITY in blue highlighted in front "class =" wp-image-291108 "width =" 913 "height =" 609 "srcset =" uploads / 2020/07 / internet-screen-security-protection-60504-1024x683.jpg 1024w, -60504-768x512.jpg 768w, 1536w, https: // www / wp-content / uploads / 2020/07 / internet-screen-security-protection-60504-scaled.jpg 2048w, 2020/07 / internet-screen-security-protection-60504-300x200.jpg 300w, -414x276.jpg 414w, 470w, https: //www.showmetech / wp-content / uploads / 2020 /07/internet-screen-security-protection-60504-640x426.jpg 640w, 130x86.jpg 130w, 187w, https: //www.showmetech. 1320w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 913px) 100vw, 913pxFree security software is the most sought after


Starting session of free software most wanted by a, we have BoxCryptor, a software that creates a folder and, inside it, everything encrypted. The service is so secure that they don't even have access to their password, so make a note of this 1234 to not forget.

Kaspersky Free

Logo of the free antivirus Kaspersky, with a green background, a green shield with silver edges on the front and the writing KASPERSKY LAB on the back in white and red "class =" wp-image-291529 "srcset =" https: //www.showmetech. 1024w, -h-768x384.jpg 768w, 1536w, .br / wp-content / uploads / 2020/07 / kaspersky-lab-h-1320x660.jpg 1320w, h.jpg 1600w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024pxThe best free antivirus today.

THE free verse Kaspersky antivirus the best among free programs of the genre. Personally, given the low investment, I recommend buying the antivirus itself, it works very well and is very intuitive. Both can be viewed and compared on the website.


Tired of memorizing all passwords? No problem, LastPass does it for you. It stores and manages all of them and one of the best on the market in this, mainly because it is a free program. Very good.

Myki Password Manager and Authenticator

Aimed at mobile devices, this app stores your passwords on your cell phone and even adds an extra layer of protection when placing an authenticator together. Oh, and Myki, of course, for free.


Although the name is not the most inviting, the application is: it makes your laptop, phone or tablet much more secure by ensuring 24-hour monitoring, including location and phone data. If you are stolen, Prey will connect you to another device, you will know where it is. Very useful in Brazil.

Tor Browser

The most audacious must remember or know the browser that, some years ago, gained fame with the stories of the deep web. Either way, Tor is useful enough to keep you safe and no one will know what you access or where.

File recovery and deletion

The best free software of 2020 To recover files, just have the right tool


Like an electronic rubber, the Eraser is one of the best free software for those looking for space, it will erase from your hard disk whatever you want it to erase. Permanently. Forever. Understood?


If the other way around and you want to recover some lost file just like Indiana Jones looking for problems, Recuva (yes, that’s the name and I don’t know what it means), from the same company as CCleaner, redeem your photos with your ex. Just kidding. Or not.


A darling of computer technicians, the program is simply phenomenal. It recovers lost files and manages to recover an entire hard drive, in addition to giving the possibility to boot a previously lost disk driver. The TestDisk interface is simple, but it is very good.

Office application suites

Google Drive

Google Drive C? P Nh? T T? ?? ng Pht Hi? n ?? i T ?? ng C? n Chia S? ...

Well, now if not so versatile Google Drive. It has undergone many transformations over the years and today one of main free software from Internet. Thanks to him we have the Docs, The Sheets and other tools that your boss probably loves.


A free version of Microsoft Office. Do you understand? Free? Free? Anyway, he does practically everything that the other is willing to do. The advantage of LibreOffice is the price: nonexistent!


A software used to create documents of all types. Literally. If you want to create an invitation to your wedding party, please. A report to the supervisor? will too. A real modern scribe.

File transfer


Much sought after by website owners and the like, FileZilla is able to quickly and effectively transfer many files to its own server.


How to install uTorrent - 100% virus free and free

Since the distantly deceased Limewire and his legacy of protection failures, programs like him, which are aimed at transferring torrents, appeared and died in droves. UTorrent, however, has survived and is the best option.

Maintenance and cleaning utilities

Screenshot showing the CCleaner program interface, with the toolbar positioned on the left side in gray and the white middle with nothing selected "class =" wp-image-291528 "srcset =" .br / wp-content / uploads / 2020/07 / CCleaner_5-1024x553.png 1024w, 768w, https : // 1536w, CCleaner_5-1320x713.png 1320w, 1919w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024pxCCleaner user interface.

CCleaner Free

If the user realizes that the browser is slower than the British prime minister's response to the pandemic, it's time to activate CCleaner. He is one of free software most in demand for ease and simplicity of use.


In case you need, for any reason beyond my understanding, to fragment the hard disk of the Windows, use the Defraggler.

Windows Utilities


THE free program in turn responsible for automating commands that you can configure yourself. It works on the keyboard, mouse, joystick, in short, whatever you want, AutoHotkey will configure.


The best free software of 2020 "class =" wp-image-291575 "srcset =" 1024w, 768w, /07/image-74.png 1069w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024pxHWiNFO brings a series of hardware information to your computer

Looking for an application or program to do that check-up on your computer hardware? The perfect HWiNFO (and for free!), Bringing all information about your computer's hardware, and monitoring its operation.


I think we can all agree that the search for Windows not the best. If the user is constantly lost in folders and the like and the search bar does not help anything, I recommend downloading FileSeek, a great search software.


Silver notebook on a wooden table with a notebook, a smartphone and a coffee cup showing a video conference of a man in a blue suit and tie "class =" wp-image-291116 "width =" 907 "height =" 605 "srcset =" 1024w, content / uploads / 2020/07 / online-5059831_1920-768x512.jpg 768w, 1536w, https: // 300w, /online-5059831_1920-414x276.jpg 414w, 470w, .br / wp-content / uploads / 2020/07 / online-5059831_1920-640x426.jpg 640w, jpg 130w, https: // www. 187w, -1320x880.jpg 1320w, 1920w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 907px) 100vw , 907pxIn 2020, the use of this free software for conferences became more common.


I don't think we will have a lot of news here, but anyway, Skype serves to bring one or more people together in a conference room. Things get a little messy with several people, but still the best of all, especially for doing that boring school job.


THE free verse Zoom's only allows conferences of up to 40 minutes, but even that doesn't seem to stop your college professor from teaching. Well, if a pandemic didn't stop it, let alone an app.

Viewing and converting files

FastStone Image Viewer

This simple, yet versatile program turns your images into a large gallery and still gives the user the possibility to edit them, even if only superficially. FastStone, faster than a stone.


IrfanView ScreenshotsIrfanView allows you to make basic adjustments to your images

Like its predecessor in this simple list, IrfanView gives basic editing powers to the user, but its main quality when converting images of all types.

If you made it this far, my congratulations on your determination. Free software they are always a wonder, so if you, like me, got a little exhausted after all this, here are 9 meditation apps for your cell phone.

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