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The best free games for Android (Part 1)

Today is Friday and a day of thinking about fun. All sorts of things: going to a club, going to the movies, playing football, going to the park, going to the beach and why not playing with your smartphone free games for Android? Our Spanish colleagues in the newsroom have decided to give game tips that they "like" (as they would say). The list has a bit of everything: from brain games to those that challenge your dexterity and speed. The best in the list contains valid games for almost all versions of Android and the best: they are all free. Requirements? Of course: an Android smartphone and desire to play!

Blast monkeys

Blast monkeys

The Blast Monkeys is super fun. It has a monkey as protagonist and is said to be addictive. The goal is to throw the little monkey in the right direction so that he can get as many bananas as possible. It's a game that finally makes you think and gets more and more interesting as you move from level to level. Altogether there are 120 levels. And our Spanish colleagues say they are super recommendable!

If you are interested, here is the link to download Blast Monkeys:

download free games blast monkeys android

Download Blast Monkeys for Android

fruit Ninja

fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a version of a well known game called Mariano Ninja, which even has version for Android and is available in Android Market. The goal of Fruit Ninja is to cut fruit that a Japanese chef is throwing on the screen. You have to be careful not to cut the bombs that are thrown between the fruits, otherwise the game is over. To earn more points, the balcony cut several fruits at once with your sword. Therefore, you need to be fast and have a lot of concentration, open your eyes wide and have a very careful finger to be a good Japanese chef.

Link to Fruit Ninja Video

The link to download Fruit Ninja is below:

Ninja Fruit Android Download

Download Fruit Ninja for Android

Doodle dash

doodle dash

Doodle Dash for Android is a crazy game. Objective: Kill Martians. Nothing more. The Spaniards told us it's a crazy game for bringing so many absurd and funny things. Some say it's worth downloading the game to finally uninstall it so at least if you learn how to download games and uninstall them …. That's mean! Well, if you are interested, take a look at the video below and the download link right after the video.

Doodle Dash video link

Doodle dash android download

Download Doodle Dash for Android

Aliens Invasion

Aliens Invasion

And we continue with the theme "extraterrestrial beings". In this case, we are talking about Alliens Invasion. It's the kind of game that doesn't make you miss even a neuron. The main character is a kind of cowboy who fights alien invasion in some city in the Old West. Total trip! Although you already think the game "travels in mayonnaise" represents a greater brain strain than the game's own main purpose: killing aliens.

AliensInvasion "src =" "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 1863008187 "data-pagespeed-onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this ); "onload =" var elem = this; if (this == window) elem = document.body; elem.setAttribute ('data-pagespeed-loaded', 1) "/></p>
<p style=Download Alliens Invasion for Android


diversion android

The very name of the game already gives a hint that it has everything to be a diversion. And Diversion is very easy. You only have one button to play with and your goal is to dodge obstacles that are popping up. There are 175 levels, 5 different worlds and 600 characters. Already more than 2 million people have downloaded Diversion. Be one more.


Download Diversion for Android

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