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The best fitness apps: your Android can turn your home into a gym

Since the fitness trend has invaded Android smartphones and wearables, many apps have been developed and optimized to make physical exercise more common. In this article you will find 5 great options that can turn your home into a gym and make your routine healthier. Check out the best fitness apps according to the editors of AndroidPIT.

30 Days Fitness Challenge

As much as our lives are busy, we need to take time to exercise to maintain the well-being of our health. It's a good option to go to the gym, but many can't find the time for it and end up setting aside this very important issue for us.

But here we have an app that will help you in the exercises without you having to leave home, because it can be done where anywhere you prefer, just have a smartphone and a little space to start your workouts. The app has a number of different exercises that will help you to let sedentary life.

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30 days challenge / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

30 Day Fitness Challenge
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JE FIT – Personal Trainer

As its name suggests, this application is undoubtedly a virtual Personal Trainer. With very detailed explanations through GIFs, videos and images, this becomes another great option for you to start working out and improve your quality of life with just a few minutes of training every day.

It's free to download from the Google Play Store, offering in-app purchases such as deeper videos and tutorials. However, if you do not want to buy anything do not worry, because to complete all your progress you do not need to spend a penny.

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JE FIT / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Download the app here

Home Training – No Equipment

This is undoubtedly my favorite among all of the list, because with an hour of walking plus 30 minutes using this application daily, I managed to lose 3 kg in just one week. Of course my eating habits have also changed, and less healthy foods I leave to eat on the weekend.

Home Training is a great app that will make you sweat and help you both in losing calories (if your intention is to lose weight) and in starting physical activities just to improve your health. After all, we all know that we depend on exercise for the proper functioning of our body.

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Home Training / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Home Training – No Equipment
Install on Google Play


SWORKIT is the ideal app for anyone who wants to turn their home into a gym. The functionality of the app is very simple: just choose a workout, its purpose and the desired time to practice it. All workouts are illustrated by animations of professionals performing the chosen session and a voice assistant in Portuguese. SWORKIT honors achievements and medals earned in every activity practiced on a daily basis of the user.

The Pro version of SWORKIT (R $ 13.76) allows the user to save training, do guided training longer than 7 minutes and have full access to training already done. The free version works very well, with a well organized and functional interface. A great option that should be tried by everyone!

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SWORKIT can turn your home into a gym / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Sworkit Personal Trainer
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I start training

Start Training works just like SWORKIT, however, instead of a training animation with the actual instructor we have a drawing animation. The voice command that guides the exercises is in English even with the default app language set for English.

The exercise list is also divided into English subcategories, however, due to the drawings, it is easy to assimilate the description and purpose of the training. Unlike SWORKIT, Home Training has a schedule that can be adjusted to the user's schedule, meaning you can set your activity routine and manage it appropriately on a specific training schedule.

The interface is simple and with many advertisements, but the application fulfills what its developer promised. Using Home Workouts regularly it is possible to achieve various goals and incorporate fitness spirit once in our routine. Worth the download.

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Start Training works well and comes packed with lots of animated exercises / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Start workouts – abdomen, legs, lose weight
Install on Google Play

No doubt we all need to do physical exercises to maintain the proper functioning of our body. These apps will help you, dear reader, to have a better quality of life. Hope you like it!

And which fitness app have you used or recommended?

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