The best CyanogenMod 12 themes for your Android

The newest version of CyanogenMod finally got the theme engine, and the developers wasted no time already starting to adapt and create themes with Material Design for the first release. Milestone (which shouldn't be long). We show below the most promising themes.

exilium teaser
The themes below will make your CyanogenMod 12 more beautiful. / Zyxxeil

Tiger's Eye

The member of XDA Developers called thoughtlesskyle handed over the first version of his new color scheme, which he named tiger-eye. Large parts of the standard interface have turned orange instead of blue or green (you can check out the original Material Design palette here). As a result, we have a warmer, more eye-pleasing UI. The Tigers Eye theme can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

tigers eye
The orange color of Tiger's Eye makes everything warmer. / thoughtlesskyle

Glass material

The developer asdfasdfvful, also a member of XDA Developers, decided to completely discolor the interface making it transparent, so that the background is always recognized. This theme is still in the Alpha phase, and some users report fluidity issues. Nevertheless, the idea is extremely interesting, and its welcome will certainly accelerate the release process of the definitive version. Material Glass can't be downloaded yet from the Play Store, but you can find the APK for download on its official XDA topic.

material glass theme
More transparency offers the Material Glass theme. / Vaughan Swart

Elixium UI

This theme was previously part of a custom ROM, the Elix-Rbut now the skin can be downloaded independently. Elixium stands out for its elegance and careful choice of fonts and colors. Although it is still in the Beta phase and has some bugs, it can be tested without major problems. Elixium UI is available for free on the Play Store.

exilium ui theme
No color: Exilium UI offers a very minimalist theme. / Zyxxeil

Blue theme

Unlike the themes so far presented, this is one of the few paid apps (costs just over 3 reais). It stands out for making its application drawer completely black, and as the name implies, the predominant color of cones and details of the blue UI. Before downloading, carefully read the description of the app on the Play Store, where compatibility issues are clarified.

blue theme
Read the description of the theme on the Play Store before downloading it! / Vivek Neel

Different CM12 theme

More complete (but also more expensive) Different CM12 theme. In addition to the new color palette, you also have a new font, icons and backdrops here. For now, this is the most complete theme based on the CM12 Theme Engine. It can be downloaded for just over $ 4 from the Google Play Store.

different theme
The Different Theme is now the most complete. / CanaroLab

And have you found a cool new theme based on the CM12 theme engine? The best suggestions will be added to the article!

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