The best apps to translate music lyrics

The best apps to translate music lyrics

Lyrics: Best for Offline Use

I've been using Letters since the early days of the internet, when it was fashionable to make notebooks with letter translations and take them to school. The Lyrics app for Android is very good, has a clean, intuitive interface and no ads. When you open the app you will come across a white background with no information, however, Lyrics will scan the device for songs stored in internal storage.

Once you find them, all songs on your device will be sorted by artist and listed on the Lyrics home screen. To find music, simply go to the top magnifying glass and search for the name of the song, band or artist – even the name of the album. The return of this information happens quickly, even by 3G.

The lyrics collection is excellent, at least in my searches, no artist or band was left out of the search. The artist page consists of a top 5 of the most accessed lyrics by the users, following we have all the songs in alphabetical order and the right tab – sliding from right to left – we have the discography.

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Lyrics and Search by the artist of Letras / ANDROIDPIT

Whenever a song is selected, the user has access to its translation, the music video and a share button on social networks. Interesting letter quality, there is a regularity in the concordance of the sentences that were translated.

The app offers a button to listen to music, however this function does not work very well as the loading of the music is very slow. This function even allows the user to track the lyrics during the song, but this search must be done by the user manually, as the app does not find the lyrics automatically like Musicmatch.

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Lyrics Panel and Sharing Button / ANDROIDPIT

In general, Letras is a great application, simple and fulfills the promise: deliver translated letters and with good translation. It's the ideal app for those who like to keep track of lyrics on the way home or work, as their mobile networking is great.
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Firefly: Better to Listen to Music and Get Informed

Vagalume is one of the most famous internet portals for translating song lyrics. In its version for Android all features of the web are present. In addition to the lyrics, right on the front page, Vagalume reveals the most accessed songs, a news column and an index of musical genres. Overall, the app offers more features than Lyrics, however, there are some caveats.

The Vagalume interface is very intuitive and organized, however, you will find ads from every corner of the app. This is not a problem that makes its use unavailable, but it is necessary to be aware of the application's internet demand, since in addition to the letters, news and advertisements access data whenever the app is opened.

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Vagalume / ANDROIDPIT app interface

The Vagalume collection is another strong point of the app, as you will find any band you are looking for. If you do not find a specific letter, you can contribute to its translation by becoming a platform user. The translation of the letters is good, with agreement and coherent construction.

The songs can only be read or heard too, just the user clicks the song and enables the subtitle button. This function is the same as Musicmatch, with the advantage of having the Portuguese language. In use on Wi-Fi, the tracks were loaded quickly along with subtitles, as well as 3G, where the upload happened satisfactorily and faster than Letras.

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Vagalume / ANDROIDPIT Translated Music Interface

Each letter can be shared across multiple social networks, depending on how many apps are installed on your device. You can send lyrics to Google Drive, WhatsApp and Facebook, for example. Instant sharing and contact get a link that directs you to Vagalume's website.

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Kboing: better to follow the lyrics me real time

Kboing's main goal is to listen to music, but it is worth including it in the selection, as the songs available in the service collection accompany lyrics. Unlike Letras and Vagalume, to use Kboing I need to create a user account, which can be made by Google or Facebook.

At the very beginning you will find a selection of music playlists separated by themes such as Top Nacional, Halloween 2015 and Carnival, for example. The songs are played in random order and the quality is only satisfactory. Whenever the music player opens, a one-sheet icon appears in the upper right corner indicating that the played track has subtitles.

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Kboing interface. / ANDROIDPIT

Some international tracks have translations, but in most cases the lyrics appear in the original language. Like Vagalume, Kboing has news, ranking with the most accessed songs and a button for sharing each letter / song on social networks.

The app has some features that may upset some users, such as the obligation to listen to the tracks in random mode – mentioned above – and the presence of many ads. However, the app can be a good alternative for those who want to follow translated lyrics – depending on their luck – and listen to music for free.

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My choice

The work done by the developers of these applications should be mentioned, as these applications are not just HTML versions of their respective websites that have been adapted for mobile phones. Thus, each app offers an interesting function that goes beyond what is available on the web.

My choice is from Letras, from Terra, which is simpler to use and works very well in any kind of connection. The app is suitable for users looking for an intuitive service that fulfills its promise in a swift way: to find translated song lyrics.

The Vagalume, in turn, is suitable for those looking for a broader music content, as it is possible to listen, read news and contribute to the translation community.

Already Kboing, I recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to listen to music for free and follow their respective lyrics, although not all are translated.

And, do you usually use an application to translate the lyrics of the songs? What's your favorite?

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