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The best apps to record calls on Android

The Android system is very popular on smartphones and tablets, which can be used to record phone calls. Just be connected to the internet and download any of the apps we selected from the Play Store, all with free download. Check out the best apps to save your calls on Android.

Cube ACR Call Recorder

One of the biggest advantages of Catalina Group Call Recorder is that it can be integrated not only with phone calls but also with Skype, Telegram and WhatsApp, saving automaticallyall recordings in the device's memory. After installation, the application is integrated with Android and every time a call is in progress, a notification will appear on the screen, giving you the option to record everything or pause the process with just one click.

(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)

Click here to download.

ACR Call Recording

The NLL call recorder is recommended for those who prioritize good organization, since all recorded audio are separated between incoming call or outgoing call files. You can also manually highlight the most important recordings to find them whenever you want, as well as integrating the application with OneDrive and Google Drive, which eliminates the risk of losing files as they are stored in the cloud.

(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)

Download the app here.

Call Recorder

Appliqato's recorder is one of the most popular in the Play Store, with over 2 million downloads. Very reliable, it allows you to share the audio recorded by WhatsApp with just one click and stays on all the time, which saves you a lot of effort and effort. so many recordings. Just uncheck the box in the program's internal menu.

(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)

Access the app through the Play Store.

Free CallX Automatic Call Recorder

The SMSrobot LTD app has a unique feature among recorders as it can enable or disable recordings using the system's gyroscope: by enabling motion controls, simply shake the handset to begin recording a call. Another good feature is the option of recording only calls from unknown numbers or limiting records to calls made by your friends.

(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)

Download this link for free.

Automatic call recorder

Smart media's recorder is a bit more limited than its competitors, but it does the job of recording calls automatically and for free. It cannot save calls made by WhatsApp or other external applications, but logs all calls in a folder of its own that can be shared with computers or others.devices without complications. Your ads are a bit invasive, so beware of spam.

(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)(Source: Thomas Schulze / Reproduction)

Download it by clicking here.

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