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The best apps for Mang and Anim

Yes, Japan is far away, but its culture is increasingly present among us. O Mang it's the Anim, for example, found many fans in Brazil, and this app gallery dedicated to them. Personally, I don't know much about the Japanese cartoon world, just the series we all saw as kids, besides the great Miyasaki movies. In this article I tried to familiarize myself with this Japanese art by selecting five apps. The suggestions of the fans are of course very welcome in the comments.

Danny Choo / Culture Japan go Flickr CC.

Manga reader

As I began my research to write this article, what struck me most was the number of Mang readers in the Google Play store. After trying several, I enjoyed this Manga Reader, a hit on Android, enjoying great scores and ratings. It offers various titles, simple and fast. The minus point is the banner ad at the bottom of the screen. Since this is nothing new in the free apps world, the advertising didn't bother me much. Unfortunately, the application is only available in English, and you need to download full chapters before reading.

Choose your favorite manga (left) and start reading (right). / AndroidPIT


MangaDroid is another of the top rated Mang readers in the Play Store. Its advantage over the Manga Reader He offers a large number of stories in Portuguese, and his library is updated regularly. The nice interface, despite the omnipresent below-screen advertising, which bothered me a little this time. As a suggestion, I think developers should incorporate more titles, but in general it's a good tool for fans of Japanese comics.

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This other app offers mangs in portuguese! / AndroidPIT
<p>One thing takes another, and when I realized I was already in the fantastic world of the Anims, the Japanese cartoons. They are as interesting as comics, and have a very dedicated legion of fans. The best app for making friends, chatting about movies, and even reading stories written by fans. <em>fanfics</em>) the AnimeSpirit. The app (also available as a website) is a social network devoted entirely to Japanese designs, and has good reviews on the Play Store.</p>
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The application is easy to use. The organization of topics and sections is simple and practical. It has not crashed at all and its search engine works efficiently. The advertising bar, however, between the menu and the articles, bothers you more than other sites.

Manga Anime Drawing

Perhaps the most interesting and peculiar of the manga is the style in which they are drawn. Each artist has a lot of freedom, but they must also follow more or less strict conventions. I found a lot of advice and a huge collection of well-explained tutorials on how to play some of the most popular manga. Of course, they can't be used as a single source if you want to learn how to draw, but they do serve as an introduction to the theme. The app that most caught my attention in this regard was the Manga Anime Drawing. Their tutorials, unfortunately, are in English. Also, avoid the app if you don't like to receive notifications with offers and other apps.

Interesting tutorials on the art of Mang. / AndroidPIT

Otaku Camera

There is an alternative for those who do not want to venture into the world of drawing with pencil and paper. If you like photos and Mang aesthetics, download the Otaku Camera app. With it you can give any photograph the look of a Japanese drawing. There are over 100 effects and filters, all with the unmistakable Mangs style. After working a photo, you can immediately share it on your social networks or save it to your smartphone gallery. In addition, the app is also a source of news about the manga world (in English).

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The app interface (left), and Camila in Mang verse on the wording of AndroidPIT (right). / AndroidPIT
<p>That was my foray into the world of Mang and Anim for Android. I'm sure there are many other interesting apps on the topic. What is your favorite?</p>
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