the best application for sending photos to Flickr, for free and in Portuguese

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Due to the success of our AIVN promotion, this week I had the need to send, wherever I was, several photos of the iPhone to the Flickr (Yahoo photo publishing service). It needed to be a simple, practical and fast utility, because the number of participations was large and it could not be something that took my time too much, since the week was being very busy.

Among the various options I found on the App Store, the application Flickit it was a great and beautiful discovery, showing (in my opinion) the best of all for sending photos to the Yahoo service.


Even without indicating in the application description, it comes with a fully Portuguese (learn, Brazilian developers!). Its look is also very well done, with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

AuthenticationFlickr accountclick on the images to enlarge them

The first thing you have to do when installing the application is to authorize it on Flickr (a service API requirement). Without leaving the program, it takes you to the Yahoo page, where you log in and authorize. If you don’t have an account yet, the program also allows you to create one.

Intuitive interfaceFlickit

You can choose one or more photos from your iPhone library or take one right now, with the device’s camera. It is then possible to determine the visibility, the album in which it will be part, title, description and tag of the photo. If the photo has no geolocation data, you can include your current position, based on the device’s data. Really quite complete.


After that just click on “Upload” and the photos are sent via Wi-Fi or cellular network (depending on the one you are currently using).


I am passionate about interfaces well made for iPhone and in my opinion this application scores 10 in functionality, platform integration and design.

Best of all, it is free and can be downloaded from any App Store (link). It is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch with firmware 2.2 or later.