The best Android puzzle games

Great for spending time on the bus or when waiting for something, these games can always be set aside and resumed where you left off. Besides, a little stimulation for the brain doesn't hurt anyone, isn't it? Here's my list of the best puzzle games for Android.

Check out our list of best puzzle games for Android. / ANDROIDPIT

Monument valley

Monument Valley would earn a place on this list just for its design and visual effects. In it you control Princess Ida, who must guide through E.M. Escher-style scenes based on the use of isometric perspective. It's hard to see Monument Valley without playing it, but imagine something like a never-ending, interactive staircase. Something like.

The incredibly clever and beautiful game with puzzles that never become frustrating. Despite its relatively small size, there is also a subtle and delicate story with a final touching. The game is available on the Play Store for $ 10.09.

androidpit monument valley best game
The look of this game is one of its strengths. / ANDROIDPIT / ustwo

Monument valley
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Little hell

There are hardly enough words to compliment Little Hell. This puzzle is also an ironic social commentary, which questions why we spend so much time clicking on our screen. You play as a boy who encourages other children to burn their toys (among other items) just to enjoy the beautiful flames.

Little Hell is full of metaphors and symbolism, accompanied by a wonderful story. If you like deep thinking games, this is the ideal choice. The game costs $ 7.75 in the Play Store.

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A smart and slightly pyromaniac game. / ANDROIDPIT
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Little hell
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Super hexagon

Super Hexagon is a perfect hobby: with it, you guide a small triangle through a maze by rotating the screen. It is an incredibly difficult game that requires quick reflexes, precision and agility. Beware, the most addictive factor. The game costs $ 8.06 in the Play Store.

androidpit super hexagon best game
Super Hexagon has a fantastic retro-futuristic look. / Terry Cavanagh

Super hexagon
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Can you Escape

You are in a room and need to get out of it, but how? In Can You Escape, your task is to solve puzzles and find hidden objects to reach the next room / floor. As I write, there are 10 rooms I must complete and this is a great pastime. If you don't complete the game at once (some rooms are really hard), you can come back anytime and start where you left off. And the best of all: Can You Escape free.

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Find clues by solving puzzles. / Google Play Store

Download: Can You Escape (Free)

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Hitchhiking the success of the original, Cut the Rope: Time Travel Bring back the cute little monsters, and they're more hungry than ever. You can play at different times, including ancient Egypt and the Renaissance. All you have to do is feed the monsters. The hard part is hitting the candy in their mouths. Worth a try.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
The Fun Little Monsters from Cut the Rope / Google Play Store

Download: Cut the Rope: Time Travel (Free)

Lazy Raiders

Have you tried to break into a tomb? Are you too lazy to find one on your own? Don't worry Lazy Raiders It's here to help you. Using the cell phone's accelerometer as a control, you can move your character through the mazes. Well, not exactly your character, he's too lazy to get out of place. What you move here is the maze itself around the lazy one. Beware of traps while collecting gold, relics and other riches.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
Lazy Raiders The Lazy Explorer / Google Play Store

Download: Lazy Raiders (Free)

World of goo

If you have always wanted to create big structures with slime balls, this game is your dream. The main objective is to get a certain number of slime balls to the exit. This task is hampered by the chasms and obstacles that must be overcome by the end. Using different types of slime balls with special properties, the player can make their path easier. This is one of my favorite Android games, which I always come back to after a break and never get tired. To finish, I must mention the mode called World of Goo Corporationwhere the objective is to build the tallest tower of goo without it falling. Several goo guaranteed.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
The gooey structures of World of Goo./ Google Play Store

Download: World of Goo

The room

An intense puzzle game. This is the best definition for The Room. Combining stunning 3D graphics and fantastic ambient sound, your goal in the game is to open boxes by solving puzzles. It sounds simple, but each box has several secrets and tips, from locks to safe secrets. All of this combined with a catchy story, which progresses well as you open more boxes. It may take you some time to get used to the controls, and the 3 stages of the game are short, in the opinion of many. Other than that, it is a hobby of the highest quality.

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Open the game boxes. / Google Play Store

Download: The Room

The Room 2

This stylish puzzle is not exactly action packed, but an incredibly rewarding game if Candy Crush is not exactly your thing. Attention to detail is the key here as you explore different rooms and first person objects to try to put different clues together and solve puzzles. The Room 2 was built from scratch for mobile platforms, so it is perfectly suited for these systems. It runs smoothly, the graphics are amazing, and always smart and engaging. It is available for $ 2.65 on the Play Store.

androidpit the room 2
The Room 2 is the game for those who like logic. / Fireproof Games

The Room Two
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These are some of my favorite puzzle games for Android. What are yours?

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