The best Android apps and games of the week

Google Play receives new apps and games every day from developers around the world. With so many options, you may find it difficult to know what to download and leave installed on your Android.

To help you, the Digital Look just made a list of the top and best news that came into Google Play. The following selection has 6 options between applications and games. Check out:

The best programs for Android

The app selection for this week has no new programs, but brings important updates to very famous apps. Look:

WhatsApp – Free

After having gone through a testing period in the beta version of the app, a long-awaited function arrives for all messaging users. Now you can select who can add you or not to groups. To learn more about how the process works, check out this tutorial from Digital Look to prevent people from adding you to groups on WhatsApp.


Google Maps – Free

One of the most widely used programs on mobile phones for route and location information is finally unleashing its last resort for more users. You can now use Google Maps anonymously so that it does not record information about what is being searched. In addition to this news, the application also made it easier to search for establishment in its interface.


Google Messaging – Free

Google's official app for sending messages on mobile has a somewhat unusual function. Thus, the program has been given a function to add reminders on the mobile phone, which as the name suggests, should help you not forget to perform the tasks of your day to day.


The best games of the week

This week's list of games offers options for those who like speed and online games. Check out:

Mario Kart Tour – Free

Despite having its multiplayer mode scheduled only for late November or early December, Mario's racing game has gained an interesting update. Called the Paris Tour, players have gained new skins, characters and more clues for fun.

Snake Rivals – Free

The snake game became famous on early mobile phones because it has a simple goal and is very fun. With the evolution of the devices in Snake Rivals, you will no longer have this experience alone and will have to confront other players to win their matches.

Rebel Racing – Free

For those who prefer more realistic and real car racing, Rebel Racing may be the right option. In addition to bringing so much acclaimed option to customize and tune your cars, you must face drivers from all over the world in a race for West Coast locations.

Pokmon Masters – Free

The famous game of little monsters where you have to join your friends to become a Pokmon master gets a major update. Now three new story chapters are available and you will be able to choose Torchic as your partner in addition to Pikachu.