The benchmarks of the new iMacs come out: the processing remains (almost) the same, but the graphics… what a difference!

The benchmarks of the new iMacs come out: the processing remains (almost) the same, but the graphics… what a difference!

Last week we were surprised (or not) by the fact that benchmarks of the new iPads Pro, in a number of respects, almost equaled and to some extent even surpass those of the new MacBooks Pro. Now, however, the performance measurements of new iMacs.

Not surprisingly, Apple's all-in-one models are a totally different kind of beast: in many respects, they are superior even to the Mac Pro, which, although already old for computer standards, is still represents the most powerful and professional in Ma's line. Finally, spoiler: The biggest gains from the new iMacs are not in processing, but in graphics.

Let's take a closer look at the charts below.

CPU measurement (single core)

The new iMac models gained about 9% core processing power over their predecessors.

Benchmarks of the new 2017 iMacs

If the comparison measure is the 2014 models, this jump will reach 20%. And be sad for the Mac Pro, which has been relegated to the bottom of the comprehensive list, considering we're talking about four-year-old processors, but that's not acceptable. Apple, hurry up!

CPU measurement (multiple cores)

In this case, there's no way to compete: Macs Pro still outperform iMacs in raw numbers for the simple reason that they offer 6, 8, or 12 core processors, while all-in-one models only run up to 4 cores.

Benchmarks of the new 2017 iMacs

Still, it's impressive to note how the flagship iMac outperforms the Mac Pro with two more cores. Overall, the performance multi-core new iMac 15% higher than previous equivalent models.

GPU average

Here lives much of the evolution of the new iMacs.

Benchmarks of the new 2017 iMacs

On average, new computers have 80% higher graphics processing than previous models. Note that even the cheapest of the new iMacs with the AMD Radeon Pro 570 outperforms the previous generation high-end model with the Radeon R9 M395X.

¬∑ ‚ÄĘ ¬∑

Now we just have to wait and see the numbers of the "beast" that (probably) will be the iMac Pro.

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Official image:

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