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The beginning of the end? Cydia Store shuts down after vulnerability discovery

, my friends. We are witnessing the end of an era. This is because Cydia Store (main store that hosted repositories to customize iOS for iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch with jailbreak) has lost its main function. I explain.


Jay Saurik Freeman, creator of Cydia, left a message on Reddit that was extensive but interesting to anyone jailbreak. In a nutshell, he said the Cydia Store has a bug in which one person could force another, logged in store, to make a purchase. Though serious, he commented that there is nothing to worry about about data leakage or anything like that.

The fact that, by the words of "Saurik", very few people are browsing the Cydia Store, so the problem is basically affecting almost no one something already expected due to the diminishing popularity of jailbreak as a whole.

Adding this to the fact that he is basically losing money with the Cydia Store (?Saurik? needs, for example, to host the archived repositories he took responsibility for, which in practice means terabytes of bandwidth per month all paid for from his job) and being charged by the community to take action (which he considers to be just right, as it was a mistake he made), the hacker / developer decided to turn off Cydia Store's buying ability.

That is, it is no longer possible to shop at the Cydia Store, which basically kills the reason it exists. Saurik said he will make a more formal statement next week, with more details on the future of Cydia and the Cydia Store. But by the tone of the message on Reddit (the unwillingness to keep the project running, the previously existing demand has faded and the financial loss), it is clear that a definitive death of jailbreak.

In what we had not warned, no.

via Redmond Pie