The battery advances of the new iPad

New Retina Display (I never get tired of repeating: 20481536 pixels on a 9.7 inch screen!), New processor dual-core with graphics quad-core (1GB of RAM?), 4G connectivity (LTE), Bluetooth 4.0, 5MP iSight camera with battery to push it all! It may not seem like it, but we have to admit: Apple worked miracles with the battery of the new iPad.

New iPad

Even with all the news, she still manages to keep the iPad running for the same ten hours (or nine, when using the 4G network). But how? To start, despite the news, some things help, such as the new 28 nanometer architecture of the A5X (the 40nm A5). However, the battery took a giant leap, from 25Wh to 42.5Wh in milliampere-hours, from 6,944mAh to 11,666mAh.

As we know, the iPad got 0.6mm thicker, and the culprit would be the Retina display. I venture to say that, if the battery remained the same, the iPad could have continued with the old thickness, maybe even reducing it, but as the battery gained 70% more capacity, it necessarily had to put on some weight. But this is exactly what draws attention in this story: as Apple could reach 70% more capacity, slightly increasing the size of its battery, let's face it, it is practically impossible for Apple to have increased the size of the battery in the new iPad by 70%. The truth is, it seems, that there is no logical relationship between increased performance and size, which proves that significant advances are being achieved in the laboratories of Cupertino and / or those of Apple's partners, of course.

It is also clear that Ma believes it is at a very satisfactory battery level, as it is always implementing new features while its capacity (in hours, not in technical specifications) remains the same.

Good for us, consumers! We hope that this advance reaches the company's line of laptops as soon as the iPhone. I'm super curious to see iFixit taking another Apple gadget apart and bringing all these details and confirmations to us.

(via ZDNet)

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