The Basic Productive Process of tablets is published in the Official Gazette

The Basic Productive Process of tablets is published in the Official Gazette

One of the remaining conditions for the application of the provisional measure that exempts tablets produced in Brazil from part of the tax has just been fulfilled: the Basic Productive Process (PPB) of tablets was published in today's edition of the Official Directory of the Union.

iPad 2 with the Brazilian flag

As stated on the website of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade:

(PPB) used as a counterpart by the Federal Government to grant tax incentives promoted by the legislation of the Free Trade Zone of Manaus and by the legislation of incentive to the IT, telecommunications and automation goods industry, better known as the IT Law. () In summary, the PPB consists of the minimum necessary manufacturing steps that companies must follow in order to manufacture a certain product as one of the counterparts to the tax benefits. PPB is made for a specific product and not for companies. Basic Productive Processes are established through Interministerial Ordinances, signed by the ministers of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) and Science and Technology (MCT).

According to the text published today, I need to nationalize at least 50% of the production of the motherboard of a tablet, so that it receives the new tax benefits. However, the percentage of nationalized components is expected to evolve: in 2013, the requirement for the motherboard to rise to 95%. Other demands include that, starting next year, 50% of the parts of the chargers and 20% of the memories are produced in Brazil, rising to 80% and 30% in 2013, respectively.

This is a way to ensure that Brazil sees some local technological development, not being relegated to being just a simple assembly pole.

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