Apple TV +: “The Banker” premiere is canceled after sexual abuse allegations against co-producer

“The Banker” premiere is canceled after sexual abuse allegations against co-producer

Apple TV +: “The Banker” premiere is canceled after sexual abuse allegations against co-producer

Amid the euphoria of the first weeks of launching the Apple TV +, unfortunately Apple was hit by an unpleasant situation involving one of his first films, «The Banker».

According to a report by deadline, the world premiere of the company’s new film, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie, it should have happened last night, at AFI Fest, in Hollywood – and now has no date to occur.

The company suspended plans involving production disclosure to investigate allegations recently discovered about the film’s co-producer, Bernard Garrett Jr. – son of the main character portrayed in the film, Bernard Garrett Sr.

According to the news, Garrett Jr. would have sexually abused his two younger sisters, Cynthia and Sheila Garrett, for years. Apple was informed of their concerns through a lawyer, who asked the tech giant not to show the film; in a statement, Apple said the information surrounding the accusation had been brought to the company’s attention, and its debut was postponed so that everything could be properly investigated.

We buy [os direitos de] «The Banker» earlier this year, when we were thrilled by the film’s fun and educational story about social change and financial literacy. Last week, some concerns about the film were brought to our attention. We, along with the filmmakers, need some time to analyze these issues and determine the best next steps. In light of that, we will no longer debut «The Banker» at AFI Fest.

Neither Garrett Jr. nor director George Nolfi commented on the charges. Sources close to the production team said that no one was aware of the charges against Garrett Jr. until about a week ago, when credits to the co-producer were withdrawn from the advertising materials and his presence at events was canceled – to supposedly “avoid diverting the attention from your father’s story ”.

Despite this, there is still no information as to whether the launch of «The Banker» will take place even on December 6th, according to the Apple schedule; after the release on the big screen, the film should premiere on Apple TV +, which may take time to happen (if it happens).

In any case, Apple is certain to suspend all disclosure and investigate these new charges in depth.

Featurette of «For All Mankind»

Still on Apple TV +, Apple shared a new promotional video for the series «For All Mankind», in which it is shown how some details of the series were created for the production.

From the lunar surface to the precise recreation of Mission Control, the level of authenticity and attention to detail that brought «For All Mankind» to life is amazing. Hear from executive producers and team members about the incredible care and craftsmanship that was built on the sets, finding real-life objects and designing the costumes for this nostalgic and alternative historical drama.

As we reported, «For All Mankind» is already renewed for the second season – there are currently five episodes of the first available, remembering that the new episodes are released on Fridays.

via Variety, The Loop