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the application that should come standard with the iPhone

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Free Memory frees your memoryYou don’t hate it when a iPhone (or iPod touch) closes on its own for no apparent reason? This is usually due to the low memory available on the system.

Many people complain about the various limits imposed by Apple in the operating system of their gadgets. One is the inability to run multiple applications at the same time, also called multitasking. Only native applications (Mail, Safari, iPod, SMS) have this ability to run in the “background”.

Contrary to what many preach, most of these limits are not simple tyranny of the company, but to guarantee the maximum quality of the user experience with the device. Many programs open at the same time slow down the system, in addition to consuming more battery and memory.

To prevent programs from crashing the entire system, iPhoneOS has a device that prevents applications from running when there is not enough memory. That is why, when we recently installed an application, it is suggested that we restart the device, clearing the memory and preventing it from locking or closing in half.

Now a utility has appeared that solves this problem, cleaning the memory automatically and leaving it free to run whatever we want. This application is called Free Memory.

Free Memory

Free Memory needs no explanation. You open it, click the button and that’s it, no application will crash anymore. The process can be repeated as many times as you like, always after using the device for a while.

With all this functionality, you’re probably thinking it’s a jailbreak app, don’t you believe me, it’s available on App Store! It costs $ 0.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch with 2.x firmware.

An investment that is very worthwhile, due to the advantages that the application brings.