«The application has stopped working»? 5 tips to resolve this error

"Aplikasi telah berhenti bekerja"?  5 tips untuk mengatasi kesalahan ini

A problem that haunts even the most advanced Android user is the message «Unfortunately the app stopped working«. This error message appears when you are using an app and it closes itself in your face. Annoying, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are some tips to resolve this error, preventing it from destroying your nerves. Check below.

1. Restart your device

Sometimes all you have to do is restart your device, that is, turn it off and on again. With that the system gets rid of temporary files that may be causing the problem. Just hold the power button for a few seconds and select the option Restart.

app error 4

Sometimes a restart is all you need / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

2. Clear the application data

This issue can affect system apps like Contacts and Gallery, but it can also happen with third-party apps like Instagram and many other apps. But the process for solving it is almost always the same:

  • Go to Settings (or Settings or Configure);
  • Select Applications (or Apps and notifications on Oreo / Pie) > All apps (or See all apps on Oreo / Pie);
  • Search for the application that gave error and tap it;
  • Touch Storage;
  • Touch Clear cache. If that doesn’t work, repeat the process and tap Clear data (or Clear Storage in Pie).
app error 1

Clean app data periodically / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

All apps have a «cache», a «repository» with frequently used data, which helps the app to launch faster when you open it. A corrupted file in the cache can cause the problem, and «Clearing the cache» means deleting this data.

With that the app will need a few more seconds to open the next time it is used, as it will have to «repopulate» the cache with new copies of the deleted data. But if the cause is a corrupted file, the problem will go away.

The button Clear data will erase all of the application’s data, including folders, settings and accounts, so don’t use it if it isn’t necessary. You will need to log in again and follow all the steps for configuring the app after performing this procedure.

3. Update the application

Updating an application helps in many cases of error in apps and can eliminate most of the crashes and freezes caused by them. Often, when an app starts to fail, there is an update available just to fix it.

If your smartphone doesn’t have automatic updating enabled, open the Play Store, touch the three-line menu in the upper left corner of the screen, and then My apps and games. Find the app you want to update in the list and tap the button Update beside him. Try opening the app and see if the problem is gone.

The ideal is to keep the automatic updating of apps always on, but as this feature consumes power and data, which is important if you are always on a 3G or 4G network, we recommend configuring the Play Store to update apps only when you are under coverage of a Wi-Fi network. To do this, open the Play Store, touch the menu with three lines in the upper left corner of the screen, and then settings. Touch Automatically update apps and choose the option Wi-Fi only.

app error 3

Keep your apps up to date / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

4. Uninstall and reinstall the application

If the app you’re having problems with didn’t come pre-installed on your device, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling it using the Play Store. Open the Play Store, touch the three-line menu in the upper left corner of the screen, then My apps and games. Touch the name of the application you want to remove and click Uninstall, which may take a few seconds. Then just install again.

app error 2

Remove and reinstall apps / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

5. The nuclear option: factory restoration

This is the alternative for when all else fails, or if multiple apps are stopping working persistently. It may be that some system file is corrupted, and the quickest way to get things back to the way they were before is with a «factory restore». That is, delete all apps, files and settings from the device, returning it to the original state it had when it left the factory.

Before you start, make a backup of all data on your device, as everything on it will be erased. Follow the two tutorials below to get everything done correctly.

app error 5

Factory reset / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

To summarize the story: first try to restart the smartphone, and if it doesn’t resolve, clear the cache. This can solve 70% of the related problems. If it doesn’t work, clear the data. It still didn’t work? Update the app, or uninstall and install again. Finally, and only as a last resort, try a factory restoration.

So, did you manage to solve the errors with our tips? Do you know of any more tips that can help with this problem?