The Apple Pencil + iPad Pro duo can keep you from… opening your car!

The Apple Pencil + iPad Pro duo can keep you from… opening your car!

There is an unexpected problem that, I believe, many would never imagine would be caused by the pair Apple Pencil + iPad Pro.

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Official Image:

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If you are a happy owner of an Apple pencil and tablet and have a car with an electronic lock key, please note: these products may interfere and prevent you from opening your car, as the iGeneration (Google translator).

Apple explained the case in a support article: According to the company, if you are recharging your Apple Pencil (second generation) with iPad Pro and your car's alarm control (electronic lock) is close, signal interference may prevent that you unlock the vehicle.

Car key

The solution, however, is quite simple. If this happens, you can simply take iPad Pro away from alarm control or remove Apple Pencil from iPad Pro and save it separately. Note that if laps have completed loading, any resulting signal interference will cease.

For Ma to put this on her website, because some people suffered from such a problem. Now imagine you discovering it was all Apple Pencil's fault recharging on iPad Pro 😒

via 9to5Mac